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Earliest I can change nipple piercings?

Discussion in 'Nipple Piercings' started by jakks4569, Apr 14, 2017.

  1. jakks4569

    jakks4569 New Member

    Hello all! I got my nipples pierced on March 7th. I was told that I could change my jewelry after 8 weeks (At the earliest). I was wondering, should I? 8 weeks for me would be on April 30th if i'm correct. Both of my piercings seem like they're doing pretty well, they have white/pale yellow discharge, and they don't bleed anymore. Also, I was pierced with curved barbells. Can I change them to straight ones? It seems like straight barbells come in more designs! I have pictures in the gallery if that would help! Thanks and have a nice day!
  2. dnd4evr

    dnd4evr Super Moderator Staff Member

    In a word, no. 8 weeks is way too early. I would be sure you are fully healed prior to changing. Any problems changing them out will only set your healing back and may cause scar tissue to form. Be patient. I know it's not easy, but it's worth it.
  3. jakks4569

    jakks4569 New Member

    Thanks for your help! So i'm clear that I can't change them until I heal, but am I able to change the barbells to straight barbells down the road?

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