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Lol this is me not knowing stuff :P

Discussion in 'Suspension' started by 666-pierced, Oct 12, 2010.

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  1. 666-pierced

    666-pierced New Member

    Hey, i was just wondering where you do suspension, how bad it hurts, and does it scar
    Thanks all :D
  2. Rainbird

    Rainbird The Pierced Godmother Staff Member

    Sorry, I'm no use to you on this one.
    If there is anyone out there who can talk about the pain during suspension can you jump in please?????
    As for scarring, I think that there are always some marks/scars but if done properly nothing should tear.
    Sometimes you can see suspensions at conventions and there are some facebook groups. A search on the internet may turn something up in your area. perhaps we have some members here who can advise you about locations.
  3. lougirl254

    lougirl254 New Member

    Scarring from suspension

    I do believe that suspension will leave scars on the back due to the size of hooks used. 4-6gauge I believe. I haven't had this done personally. Want to but friends have and they have scars from the hook piercings. Hope this helps.
  4. Tekwyzard

    Tekwyzard Member

    Hello, my first post here, so here goes. I was privileged to be suspended for the first time, last November, I'll plonk some pics up before long, the willpower/pain/pleasure conflict is just amazing, you see the hooks, and rigging, but you will go through with it, it hurts, exquisitely, for a short while, you think WTF, but somehow cope, the pain levels off, and once/if you get through that barrier, you can get bombarded with huge levels of endorphins, which certainly alter your sense of reality, to the extent, that now you see the hooks and rigging, and just can't believe that they don't hurt a whole lot more, and that your actually doing it, not just marvelling at someone else. Some suspensions allow you to relax, some allow you to have a lot of swinging around fun, some are real tests of will power.
    You've got to really want to do it though, even if after waiting for ages for your chance; otherwise you won't have the mental equipment to accept and enjoy what's happening, and it'll be a horrible experience.
    Very much like bondage, you will be explicitly trusting someone else, while you are in a scenario from which YOU couldn't possibly, safely extricate yourself. I only really realised this after I suspended, but, it's important to realise this factor, and be happy with it.
    As Rainbird says, done properly, your skin will not tear; if anything the hook will fail and straighten out, dumping you on the floor (not funny), before your skin tears, skin is ridiculously strong.
    The amount of bleeding can range from non, right through to lots, and is largely dependant on general health, diet, and even what you've had to drink, never, ever consume alcohol before suspending, it interferes with the bloods clotting mechanisms.
    Scarring is minimal for each individual 'hang', being limited to a pair of 3-4mm round red dots for each hook, which eventually fade. Obviously, these add up, and some avid suspendees are covered in such scars, they are regarded as badges of achievement.
    I wish you well with your quest, good luck, and don't worry, it's natural, normal, and OK to be frightened.

  5. xXJarredXx

    xXJarredXx El Duderino Staff Member

    Hello Tekwyzard, welcome to PP. Your insight is appreciated on this matter. Why not head over to the introduction section and tell us a little about yourself? If you have any questions message one of our lovely admins. Happy posting! :)
  6. Rainbird

    Rainbird The Pierced Godmother Staff Member

    Hi Ken
    Thank you for you detailed and informative account of your suspension.
    As your first post, it's great of you to share this experience with us all.
    Would love to hear a little more about you and see your pictures.
    For instance, how did you come to realize that suspension was what you wanted?
    As Jarred said if you have any probs pm one of us lovely admins.
    Hope to hear from you soon and WELCOME again.
  7. Tekwyzard

    Tekwyzard Member

    Thanks guys,
    I actually only came to look at PP as a place to buy my own set of hooks from, which will be happening when I've the cash, and, I found as well as, all these brilliant, friendly, supportive, informative, and comprehensive forums.
    As detailed as my little account above is, I did miss something out, two things actually; one of which is really important, that being that it's a good idea to have some good high energy food a few hours before suspending, as the shock reaction that your body undergoes, creates a massive, almost continuous demand for vast amounts of energy, as part of it's frustrated 'fight or flight' efforts. Mine heated me to such an extent that I was as warm as I normally am after a nearly 2 hour workout, and that was in a cold room! Also, when all the endorphins and stuff finally ran out about 8 hours later, my body almost literally crashed; I got uncontrollable shivers, tiredness, pain and severe lack of concentration, all very suddenly. Not good, when one is halfway through a high speed 300+ mile trip home at 1am. A cuppa, and some sweets sorted me out quickly enough though.
    The other thing I missed out, is somewhat more esoteric; unusually for first suspensions, I requested to be allowed to hoist myself, which I was allowed to do, also happily, on the second one. For some reason I don't understand, it just seemed really important that I do this, at least for the first one. I don't know how this compares to being hoisted, as I haven't experienced that yet. But most of the crew, including those who were 'backstopping' the rope, in case I accidentally let go, were amazed at how fast I got airborne, for both consequent suspensions. I was more amazed at how slow and tentative they felt; such amazingly disparate opinions on the passage of time :) The feedback loop of me pulling, causing the tension, thus causing the 'pain', which of course increased up to a point, was just awesome, and perhaps it helped me cope better, as I knew exactly what I could take, and when. I even managed to carry someone towards the end, on just two points, intense and fantastic!!
    I most certainly will post up some photos, they are too awesome not to! There are videos as well (on youtube, but they are maybe a bit too long at 10 and 12 minutes).
    I'm about halfway through writing a comprehensive entry on my blog, detailing my experience from first seeing a shocking image, then videos, through to curiosity, fascination, desire, witnessing, frustration, anticipation, nervousness, fulfilment, pride, ... a hell of a voyage of discovery, for one, who a mere 14 months ago didn't have even one piercing, and was almost crippled by overwhelming confidence and body image issues.
    I'll try to finish that blog entry, it'll be very long when done; though, more a story! I think I have the words to do it now, whereas I didn't before, when my mind was still trying to process what happened.
    I'll also try to throw something together for the introductions forum, I may struggle a bit, as I can never figure out how best or simplest to describe myself, and hate trying :)

    Videos :- 'Lotus' - http://www.youtube.com/tekwyzard#p/u/3/6gHMrGxULIc, 'Suicide' - http://www.youtube.com/tekwyzard#p/u/0/BbA9ZKOOVqk

    EDIT - Photos uploaded here http://bodypiercingpictures.painfulpleasures.com/showgallery.php?cat=605

    Best wishes, Ken
  8. Tekwyzard

    Tekwyzard Member


    Just for the sake of completeness, as the OP, 666-pierced asked specifically about scarring, the photo below shows my shoulders (top half) the day after suspending, the raised welts are just a temporary result of a condition I suffer from (urticaria), nothing to do with the suspension, no bruising, but that's just me.
    The lower half of the image is one of the calf piercings, nearly 4 months down the line, just a pair of small, pink, barely there, dimples; which will fade some more yet. Obviously people who keloid easily might just as easily get a pair of raised pink bumps.

    Bye for now people ;)

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  9. darkcrow343

    darkcrow343 Member

    I know that this is probably a really stupid question to ask, does it hurt? I know it hurts when the hooks go in and when they are taken out and I'm assuming it hurts while your up to so my question really is do you find a point of relaxation in which the pain goes away? I know that everyone is different, so what is your personal experience on the matter?
  10. Tekwyzard

    Tekwyzard Member

    No question is stupid, it's how you find out stuff :wink:
    Obviously the piercing is going to 'hurt' but the pain is experienced differently by different people, for me, in spite of some quite daft expressions on my face, it's really no worse than any other surface piercing. The biggest problem is the psychological one of what you are about to have inserted, then do. Lets face it, 6 ga needles never look 'fun', especially when fitted on the end of 4mm gauge hooks.
    It also depends on how it's done, the group I've done all my suspensions with (yes, I've done lots more in the last few months, just haven't sorted out all the pictures yet), do the piercings in pairs, the principle being that the brain can't properly process two discreet sources of 'pain' so the resultant sensation is more one of shock/tension/pressure. I honestly can't feel the hooks when they are in, unless they get moved, or start taking load.
    Taking the hooks out doesn't hurt at all, nor does having the air massaged out, but, to honestly answer your other point; for me, every suspension has hurt, some more than others. Some briefly, some longer, most of the time I've 'got through' the pain, even at it's most intense, during a not quite successful two point chest one, only for other things to bring me down, such as exhaustion from the physical or mental effort, or again for the two point chest one, my skin started to tear, as I was just about to winch myself airborne, I was gutted, my mind was coping with the pain, and I could have carried on winching.
    During my last visit to the suspension group in London, during which I was experimenting with lots of hooks, transitioning through three different suspensions, the pain levels did for first the time boil down to how relaxed my body became, it was a case of riding the pain until my core muscles relaxed, which depended largely on waiting for my body to get through the 'shock', then allowing my head to relax back (raising your head tenses your core), which further relaxed me, reducing tension and pain, etc., then the endorphins kick in as well, and the suspension becomes a more physical thing, the pain at this point moderates to something just plain weird, almost unreal.
    I've not finished experimenting yet, there's more photo's to post up here and elsewhere, and more things to try and do. I'm amazed at how different an experience all the different suspensions I've tried, have been, some nice, some easy, some amazing to see, but hell to do........ I'm currently planning on trying a rare tandem suspension, as a public demo. I've made the and tested the rig, bought the shackles, hooks, and needles, have a local group lined up to do it, just now waiting for a date, so I'm getting quite excited about that.

    Sorry about all the above rambling, it is really hard to try and explain about suspension, and I do tend to get evangelical about it.

    Best wishes, Ken
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  11. Rainbird

    Rainbird The Pierced Godmother Staff Member

    Thank you for posting again Ken. It's not rambling at all.
    I love reading your insights into suspension, they are written with detail and eloquance.
    I'm going to head on over to watch your u tube videos when I finish here.

    Just watched them both, awesome.
  12. darkcrow343

    darkcrow343 Member

    Thank you, a trully insightful and inspirational post, none of it is rambling. suspension itself is something i'm still not sure about though, I think its something that i would love to do but don't think I could build up the courage to do unfortunately.

    I wish you the best of luck with your demo and hope it goes perfectly for you, and thank you again for your wonderful post.
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