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New DIY Smiley

Discussion in 'Facial/Oral Piercings' started by SS Corporal, Feb 29, 2012.

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  1. SS Corporal

    SS Corporal New Member

    So i was sitting here tonight thinking about how much I loved my smiley. So after much debate, I grabbed my needle and headed to the mirror. And voila I have my 4th smiley, I put an anodized titanium ring in it, large to accommodate for swelling and it's just as I remembered. Definitely one of my favorite piercings. It looks a little crooked due to the swelling and my crooked teeth but I checked it before transferring and it's pretty straight :D (You can also see all of my other piercings in this picture haha. [​IMG]
  2. xXJarredXx

    xXJarredXx El Duderino Staff Member

    Looking good! If you upload this to the Painful Pleasures gallery, I shall go approve it for placement.

    On a side note, that is some pretty rad hair lol.
  3. 3.8 GTeater

    3.8 GTeater New Member

    Omgosh I want my smiley done sooo bad, having some issues with other piercings at the moment so I'm laying off but is it really that difficult to do it yourself? Would it be a terrible idea to have someone help me with it? I understand the risks as well as using sterilized materials of course. (Sometimes I wonder about kids doing piercings on their own with a safety pin..)
  4. SS Corporal

    SS Corporal New Member

    Its not difficult at all, I've redone mine 4 times, due to different reasons for removal. It just takes a strong mind over matter, as with any DIY because your body naturally wants to preserve itself. Personally I have found that smileys don't stay in all that well, maybe it was just mine, but my first ripped out, as did my 4th, the other 2 I took out. Have a friend help you if you can, just to make sure its straight and it hurts less :p
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