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Nipple Piercing Question: Downsizing from 14g to 16g?

Discussion in 'Nipple Piercings' started by kim_le, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. kim_le New Member

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    I recently got both my nipples pierced and I currently have 14g straight barbells in both piercings. I was hoping that I can downsize from 14g to 16g because I find the 14g to be a little too thick and want something smaller/thinner. I am waiting for the piercing to heal substantially before downsizing.

    I've heard that smaller gauged jewelry can cause migration or tears and cuts around the holes. Will this still happen if the area is fully healed (with healing time ranging from 6 months to 1 year)?

    Have you or someone you know downsized and were there any complications?

    Or did you start off with 16g barbells? If so, how was the healing process?

    Thanks for your response!!
  2. xXJarredXx Super Moderator

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    I have had a myriad of different sized jewelry in my nipples. Typically 14G is the size they are done with. I've seen them go MUCH bigger though. I don't usually hear about people going smaller, though in my personal experience it is possible. I had 16G for a while and had no noticeable difference. That is my body and my .02 though, take it for what it is worth! :)

    Also welcome to PP forums! Please post in the New Users area and let us know a little about yourself. Please read the rules thread and if you have any questions, please PM either Rainbird or myself!
  3. Rainbird The Pierced Godmother

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