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Mar 2, 2008
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Cardiff, Wales
Retired from serfdom

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The Pierced Godmother, from Cardiff, Wales

Staff Member
    1. GingerBob
      Hi. Thanks for your time. I've now put some pics of my tats up. Look forward to chatting and sincerely hope our paths cross one day. Rob :)
      1. Rainbird
        Hi Rob,
        You never know, let me know if you are in Wales at any time.
        I'm just off to have a look at your pics.
        Feb 16, 2016
      2. Rainbird
        You've got some special work there Rob. I've seen a lot of pieces that were not thought through. You have a nice balance and the detail is lovely. Congratulations.
        Feb 16, 2016
    2. ali.thomas725
      Hi I really need help with something if you could look at my last thread that would be awesome! Thanks :)
      1. Angel on the Edge
        Angel on the Edge
        Ali, I just responded to your thread; there should be enough info there to help you through the issue you're having with your navel piercing. Rainbird has been away and may not be able to respond, but if she has time, I'm sure she'll also have some good input for you.
        Feb 26, 2013
    3. Sassie
      Hi Rainbird,
      Nice to meet you. Laura referred me to you about the documentary film I want to make about someone embarking on his/her journey of getting a full body tattoo.
      Do you know anyone who would be interested in participating in this film or a tattooshop that could help me get in touch with someone?
      Many thanks,
      1. Rainbird
        HI Sassie,
        I do know of a very good and professional tattoo shop who have been featured in TV docs before. They hold a world record and perhaps may be interested. I will ask for you, can you send me some more information and your e mail address please. I will pass them on for you if they are interested in taking part in your film doc.

        Nov 21, 2012
    4. shygal
      Hi rainbird,
      I posted a new thread intriducing myself but can't seem to find it in the forum. Can u help ???

      Thanks debbie
    5. wtravis42
      I have a question and I can't find the answer. I am stretching my nipple piercings from 16ga to 6ga and I am currently at 14ga. I am doing one size up every 60 days. I am using surgi lube as a lubricant for the taper, is surgi lube good to use or should I use something else.

      Bill Travis
    6. samantha3
      Sorry I'm still new to the site and I didn't know I could talk to you like this, I love your posts, and I need. Your help with something!
      From samantha
    7. xXJarredXx
      I was looking at the rules, and it does not say anything about outside links, just outside links to other (competitive) websites. Should we leave it as is, or change it to no links. Also I just deleted about 5 pages of spam from your profile :)
    8. Nic Kers
      Nic Kers
      Dear Rainbird

      Thanks for your kind, warm welcome. I look forward to joining in the forums where poss, and I have many photographs I'd love to share here, and lovely to know my underwear fetish is acceptable.

    9. Subversive
      Hey rainbird... i wanna delete my account permananently if you could let me know how it would be appreciated
    10. sparklesareme
      Hi There,

      I can't log onto my profile...it say's forbidden??? Can you help me please.

      Thanks :)
    11. dnd4evr
      Georgia -

      I am not sure what happened, but I am having problems on the site. Last night I deleted the friends request and today I have been unable to view my profile. That made it very difficult to find a way to get a message to you. Is this a system wide problem or is it just me?

      Since I can't get to my profile I don't know if I will be able to see any reply you might send. I will poke around and see if I have a back door way to get to them. Just in case I do have an e-mail address you can contact me through.


      Thank you for all your help.
    12. xXJarredXx
      Sorry about the tattoo drawings, I have to resize them and I just can't tonight, I'm exhausted. I'll post them up at some point in the near future! G'night! :)
    13. SuhkotosWolf
      Being I'm sure you're extremely experienced at DIY piercings, I have a question for you. Could we discuss in PM though?
    14. babyart621
      hello Cher here. I need some help, I looked in the faq section first and still cant do what I want to do. I dont know how to turn the private messages on. I went into user cp and looked under everything to find out how to turn it on. Thanks C
    15. greenotter
      you are so **** sexy
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  • About

    Cardiff, Wales
    Retired from serfdom
    Traveling, photography, music, embroidery, cooking, reading, archaeology, architecture, naturism,gardening.



    Ear Lobes x 4 (1.6mm) 14g
    Nipples both V & H (2.0m) 12g straight bars
    Belly (upper) (1.6mm) 14g (sadly retired)
    Belly (lower) (1.60mm) 14g (retired)
    Triangle (2.4mm): 10g teardrop
    VCH (2.00mm) 12g curved bar
    Inner Labia x 4 (5.0mm) 4g cbr

    Nipples tattooed
    Stylized Hummingbird on mound of Venus
    Naughty faerie on left buttock
    Naughty faerie on stomach
    European Bee-eater
    Red Eyed Tree Frog - all entwined between purple wisteria and passion flower vines with butterflies.
    Continues up rib cage to left breast where breast has a large passion flower surrounding the nipple
    with fairies caught by a tendril.

    Two Mermaids, intertwined with marine life, mandarin fish, sea horse, nautilus shell on right buttock
    and upper thigh.

    Right shoulder of a Tree of Life - the tree is absorbing and taking life from a woman who
    is trapped by vines wound around her body and fertilizing her.
    Right breast encircled in a peacock in full display

    This above all-to thine own self be true: Shakespeare
    Vice Anglais