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2 PA questions - uncircumcised and peeing?

Discussion in 'Genital Piercings' started by herman.d.cortes, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. herman.d.cortes

    herman.d.cortes New Member

    Two questions about PAs. First, how painful is peeing immediately after a piercing? And in the days following? One of my friends went into shock when he got pierced. And another passed out from the pain the first time he pissed... Has that happened to anyone else?

    Second, how do PAs differ for uncircumcised men? I've been stretching my foreskin so it can unroll easily to make room for a PA, so I wouldn't get pierced for a few more months yet.

    But in the mean time, I'm curious what people's experiences with those 2 are?
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  2. msolis1

    msolis1 Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks for being a part of our community. I'm approving the post so our community can provide feedback.
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  3. richeturners

    richeturners New Member

    Can't answer your first question quite yet.
    I do have several friends with PA's new and old but none of them experienced the shock or pain your friends seem to have. The shock of the piercing can happen with most mods and is dependent on the person. I personally always eat well an hour before either piercing or tattoos as any trauma to your body triggers the brain to release various hormones etc. which in some instances could lower blood sugars leaving you dizzy or faint. :confused:
    Yes peeing may sting a little during the early stages of healing but drinking plenty of water may help to reduce the burn and blow out any crusties from the urethra. Good after care with salt soaks will likely help too.

    One of my colleagues is uncircumcised and he said that his piercer just offset the entry point under the glans to the side of the frenulum. He wears a 6g BCR but reckons that a bent or circular BB may be easier if the foreskin slips forward all the time and doesn't sit back comfortably.
    Maybe you should go for a consultation with a pro piercer so they can check out your anatomy.
    Hopefully you'll get some more experienced responses ;) ✌️

  4. richeturners

    richeturners New Member

    Hi Herman.d.cortes

    I can now answer your questions....
    "First, how painful is peeing immediately after a piercing? And in the days following?"

    I did not have any pain whilst first peeing but the PA does bleed a fair amount. There is a slight sting now but not too bad.

    "Second, how do PAs differ for uncircumcised men
    The piercing is offset slightly. Left or right of the frenulum is up to you though.
    I really enjoyed the experience :D
  5. herman.d.cortes

    herman.d.cortes New Member

    hey there thanks for the follow-up! glad to hear your PA isn't still too painful. good luck!
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  6. woodsie

    woodsie Active Member

    peeing after the piercing can be uncomfortable but the more water you drink the less acidic your pee is. therefore no sting. mine was until the bleeding stopped in a day or so. Good Luck
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  7. richeturners

    richeturners New Member

    yeh.... Woodsie is right about that! My piercer recommended drinking plenty of water and not drinking tea, coffee or alcohol for the first two weeks of healing. Makes you pee a lot but with far less sting :eek:
    Good luck if you go for it herman.d.cortes
  8. herman.d.cortes

    herman.d.cortes New Member

    No tea, coffee or alcohol for the first2 weeks?? But those all make you pee lots!
  9. richeturners

    richeturners New Member

    I know what you mean :D. I think it's to do with toxins and acidity. I'm only following the advice my piercer gave after she carried out the work but it seems to be working as this has, so far, been a smooth experience ;).
    1 more week and I'll be cracking open a beer with a double espresso :D

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