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2g to 0g problems

Discussion in 'All Things Stretched' started by rebel_logan_24, Sep 6, 2011.

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  1. rebel_logan_24

    rebel_logan_24 New Member

    ok so 3 days ago i tried to stretch to 0g after having 2g plugs for about 3 months and i had been taping the past 2 weeks prior to the stretch 1-2 layers of ptfe tape a day. so i took at hot shower and tried to stretch my right ear after a little work the plug went in and i tried with the left ear but it wasnt about to go in so i left the left ear at a 2g and left the right at a 0g well after the stretch there was no blood or pain for about 1 hour then it started hurting but it was tolerable and still no bleeding so i did a sss and went to bed i did 3 sss the next day and the same the day after still tolerable pain but not blood or other discharge. well this moring i woke up and took a shower and it was throbing so i screwed off the back of the plug and found blood so i imediatly took the plug out and put a clean 2g plug in but when i took it out i found a piece of i am guessing skin? it has been a couple hours and it has dried crusty blood and its still swollen and painfull to the touch. is it an infection? a blow out? idk what else to do other than stay at 2g and sss or should i downsize to a 4g? any help will be greatly apriciated.

    also the 0g plug i had in was a screw on tunnel but it had very litle wearable area i am wondering if that played a part in what happened thanks logan
  2. rebel_logan_24

    rebel_logan_24 New Member

    i have used only stainless steel to stretch with other than the ptfe tape
  3. abouttell

    abouttell New Member

    sounds to me like you may of stretched to fast. When I was stretching up my ears I always used CBR's. The extra weight seemed to help it go faster. Also when screwing the back on you may of got some flesh stuck in the threads.
  4. Sam Bone

    Sam Bone New Member

    Pretty much the same thing happened to me when I went to a 0g from a 2g and I think it's just time.
    My opinion you should just stick with the 2g for a while longer and use some polysporin on your ears, I find that it works really well!
    Good luck!
  5. abouttell

    abouttell New Member

    Please never ever ever ever ever use polysporin to heal piercings or tattoos. It slows down healing, seals in the piercing cutting of oxygen and trapping in dirt, germs, and bacteria. Polysporin is a topical agent and not ment to be used internally, in it's directions it even says to NOT use it on puncture wounds. It will also pull the ink out of tattoos and fade them.
    more things you cant use are:
    Table Salt, Betadine, Polysporin, Neosporin, Bacitracin, Bactroban, Bactine or any other topical solution or ointment on your piercing
  6. Rainbird

    Rainbird The Pierced Godmother Staff Member

    Good advice here abouttell. I agree, DON'T use those products
  7. xXJarredXx

    xXJarredXx El Duderino Staff Member

    I also would like to point out for piercings, you shouldn't use hydrogen peroxide which also says not to be used on punctures.
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