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Administrator :: Illyria Jade

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by Illyria Jade_mod, Feb 4, 2005.

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  1. Illyria Jade_mod

    Illyria Jade_mod New Member

    Name ::  Illyria Jade (call me Illyria or Ria)

    Age ::  24

    Location ::  Middle of Nowhere  (but 15 miles from Blackbird!)

    Marital Status ::  Single.  Canine love of my life: Rayne (registered name, Calm Rayne From A Storm ((sire's name was Stormy Weather Blues)) ), the most beautiful Australian Shepherd to ever set foot on this planet.

    Occupation ::  Migraineur

    Current Mods ::  
    Piercings: 1 x 14g Inner Labia piercings (lost, to be redone and more added).  1 x 14g Lobe piercing. 2 x 8g Lobe piercings.  2 x 0g Lobe piercings.  1 x 20g Nostril piercing.  2 x 18g Rook piercings. 1 x 12g VCH (repierced).  2 x 12g Nipple piercings.  Tattoos: 2 pawprint tattoos, hips.  Latin wording inbetween pawprints.  Ankh on inner right wrist.  Infinity on inner left wrist.

    Past Mods ::  Eyebrow, Nipples (to be redone), Navel.

    Future Mods ::  
    Piercings:  left conch industrial, right spiral industrial, triangle, nipples, right and left snugs.
    Tattoos: full back piece (in planning!), nape piece, and undoubtedly more...

    Hobbies ::  Animals (2 dogs, 1 cat), reading, tv and movies, computers/internet, gaming, body modification, taking migraine medication.

    Favorite Books/Authors :: Sci-fi/fantasy and mysteries.  
    Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman.  
    Discworld series by Terry Pratchett.
    Xanth series by Piers Anthony.
    Incarnations of Immortality series by Piers Anthony.
    Pegasus/Talent series by Anne McCaffery
    non-romance works of Iris Johansen.
    The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams

    Favorite Movies ::
    Queen of the Darned (? EEP ?)
    Sin City !!!
    Pirates of the Carribean
    anything with Jessica Alba
    anything with Angelina Jolie
    anything with vampires

    Favorite TV shows ::

    Favorite Music ::

    *footnote* I have MSN messenger, if you want to know my ID, feel free to PM me and ask!  :)
  2. Buzz Kill

    Buzz Kill New Member

    Re: Illyria Jade

    ME TOO!
  3. solnyez

    solnyez New Member

    Ria rocks. :mrgreen:
  4. Scooter

    Scooter --Mom-- Staff Member

    Leave it to Ria.
    We all write a short 5 line blurb and she gives us a 15 page dossier! :lol:
    Love ya
  5. Illyria Jade_mod

    Illyria Jade_mod New Member

    hey, if you're gonna be different, do it well, that's my theory.
  6. iamblackbird

    iamblackbird Little Miss Apocalypse Staff Member

    Are you serious? You're only 15 miles from me? Dang. Must seem long CAUSE OF THE OLD PEOPLE WHO DRIVE!!!!
  7. solnyez

    solnyez New Member

    Or maybe country roads?

    There's this one stretch of road from my uni to my hometown that's like 4-5 miles long, but I swear it takes longer than any other stretch because it's between super small farming cities that send tractors back and forth on the narrow winding "highway" that is nothing more than a glorified tractor road.
  8. Scooter

    Scooter --Mom-- Staff Member

    HEY, HEY, HEY, I resemble that remark! :lol:
    Sounds like the road to the nearest town. Tractors, combines, backhoes, even an occaisonal fork-lift, drivin' down the middle of the road. AT 3 MILES PER HOUR!!! That's 4.8 Kilometers for you Sol. No passing zones are everywhere. Just sit back and enjoy the scenery. Ain't nature grand???
  9. iamblackbird

    iamblackbird Little Miss Apocalypse Staff Member

    See, that's grand and all, except that there is a way to take highways ALL THE WAY FROM MY PLACE TO RIA'S!
  10. Buzz Kill

    Buzz Kill New Member

    In the summer time my family goes to B.C for vacation (we live in alberta) and it should take that long maybe 11 hours tops to drive, except you get the old farm machinery and the huge RV's so it takes two days to drive.
  11. iamblackbird

    iamblackbird Little Miss Apocalypse Staff Member

    Holy cow. That's too long in a car.
  12. Buzz Kill

    Buzz Kill New Member

    tell me about exspecially when your mother has taken power of the raiod and just absolutely loves Shina Twain....I don't know how I keep the small sanity I have.
  13. Illyria Jade_mod

    Illyria Jade_mod New Member


    Ok, so basically, I've taken a LOOOOONG break from anything with a white screen (aka this place and a lot of others I used to frequent), pretty much the whole internet, because of my migraines...but I'm going stir-crazy, so I'm backish. I've still been in the background where you didn't see me all this time (yes, I was really there), and I'm gonna stay there somewhat, but I'm going to try to actually post too, and do more of the work around here...I've been letting the rest do most (ok, almost all) the work for months on end now...but I freaking MISS you guys and this place. SO, here I be.

    My update on me is...well...boring.

    My migraines are utter living hell at this point, and I'm SERIOUSLY wishing I could dim my laptop monitor MUCH more. I'm on a lot of meds that don't do me much good, so I'm just in a lot of pain.

    I miss Bird like you guys wouldn't believe...she's been such a fixture in my life since she came into it, now that she's at college I miss her SOOOO much! I miss poking needles into her, and now I have nobody to poke needles into me...nobody to walk around Hastings holding hands with purely to freak people out! I MISS MY BIRDY!!!

    Body mod related...my rooks are FINALLY almost healed...ish. they're still being pains, but not nearly as bad as my nipples, which no matter what I do or don't do to them are acting like they're brand new. They're not migrating or anything, which is the only good news. My last tattoo, my eye of ra on my ribs turned out to be a nightmare too. I went to one of the "best" places in Wichita (I was already in town with a friend) and went thru the artist's portfolio (which I now doubt was actually his work! how sad is that?) and decided to let him do my tattoo...he managed to screw up the design a bit while actually blowing out the ENTIRE thing (not kidding...there may be a few mm of outline that's not blown out...but that's it, and it's a LOT of outline), and the inside that SHOULD be black, isn't even entirely black. I've NEVER had a tattoo this bad. I've never SEEN a tattoo this bad that wasn't 30+ years old and done in the back of a van somewhere!!! I've however got no Birdy to take pics of it for you guys. I'm hopefully going back sometime this month to get it touched up by a DIFFERENT artist.

    Sooooo, that's the currentness of me. I've missed you guys, and I look forward to making your lives miserable with my presence once again!
  14. Scooter

    Scooter --Mom-- Staff Member

    X O X O X O X O
  15. iamblackbird

    iamblackbird Little Miss Apocalypse Staff Member

    Holy...I didn't know your rib piece was that bad. Where did you end up going?

    You know what you should look for, in terms of the lap top? Those things that people stick to their windows when they have babies, like a piece of window tint that just sticks to stuff. Lay it over your laptop's screen, and poof! Insta-tint.

    I just stuck my hand into veggie dip. Odd feeling, lemmee tell ya.
  16. Jameson13

    Jameson13 Body Hacker

    hope all gets better Ria, youve missed some interesting topics! Look forward to your triumphant return!!!!!
  17. Illyria Jade_mod

    Illyria Jade_mod New Member

    Yep, it's that bad, Bird. Which is why I keep bugging you to go with me to get it touched up...because I can't see it that well myself, and while I'm only getting it touched up there (Hell Bomb of all places, they have a great rep!!!) if I get a different artist, I still want someone with me who knows what they're looking at/for so they can go "nah, that looks like crap, fix it" or whatever. I'm not going back to the same guy. I'd rather pay to have it fixed than let him touch me ever again. Just wait til I write my "review" on it...you wouldn't BELIEVE...

    Nice to see you again, Jameson!
  18. valkyrie

    valkyrie New Member

  19. phraktl

    phraktl Member

    If you have the words "Site Administrator" under your name: you do what you like. The rest of us do as we are instructed. Seems fairly straightforward to me. No need to feel "ripped off" man.
  20. Naemion

    Naemion New Member

    Well good to hear that you are still alive, but sorry to hear about your situations. I hope that your touchup goes well, and I still can't believe that guy messed it up that badly. Well I hope that everything heals up nicly and things start going good for you.
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