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Advice on New Nipple Piercing

Discussion in 'Nipple Piercings' started by cocomcintyre, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. cocomcintyre

    cocomcintyre Guest

    I took the plunge and got both nipples pierced 2 days ago. There was not a lot of pain for me, I'd say it's the least painful piercing I've had. The piercer was great, did it quickly, professionally and gave me some advice afterward.

    I just had a few questions I didn't ask her.
    1) From personal experience what is the best method of cleaning?
    2) Should I be twisting or rotating the piercing while it heals?
    3) Is it good to wear a bra to bed while they're healing so as to not create friction or accidentally bumping them?
    4) I got them pierced with hoops but when they heal can I put barbells in them?

    I love my piercings and highly recommend getting them!:)
  2. xXJarredXx

    xXJarredXx El Duderino Staff Member

    Cleaning should be done like any other piercing, vitamin oils and sea salt soaks twice daily. Twisting it should be done, I had to for my nipples because the secretions would form the crustiness around my hoops
    I suggest moving them back and forth in a hot shower. I cannot speak from personal experience about bras being a man but you want to take ANY precaution to avoid bumping, dragging, or pulling during the healing process. Not only is it extremely painful in some cases but can cause tearing and scar tissue.
    barbells, hoops, pinchers, shields, whatevet you want. Once its healed you can change to whatever fits, feels good, and looks good.

    Hope I helped out a little!
  3. Rainbird

    Rainbird The Pierced Godmother Staff Member

    Hi coco,
    Congratulations on your new piercings, I'm sure that once they are healed you will love them but just to let you know now - they could take up to a year to completely heal. Be patient they will reward you!!!
    1) sea salt soaks twice a day and a small drop of oil after wards to keep the skin from drying out but don't drown them and wipe of any excess with a cotton bud. I favour 5% tea tree oil diluted in 95% sweet almond oil but vit e or emu oil are also fine.
    2) Don't turn the rings so that any part which was outside your body is then inside the fistula thus intoducing bacteria into the healing piercing and on NO account turn them all the way around. Clean them in the shower CAREFULLY making sure that no gel or soap gets into them, then do the sea salt soak using cotton buds to clean any crusties still there after the shower, then use the oil to keep them from drying out.
    3) Yes I would recommend wearing a padded bra to bed to prevent knocking or catching (lacy ones can get caught up sometimes) or night time playtime when you are half asleep (not sure if you have a partner)
    4) Some people favour CBR for the initial piercing jewellery. I was pierced with a straight barbell and the healing does tend to be less problematical than with CBR's, especially if you are big busted. This is due to downward pressure on the new piercing when wearing a bra. Having said that lots of people have no trouble with CBR's so I suggest you see how you are getting along. Once healed you should be able to wear anything, you may need to train or stretch your nipples to accommodate some styles. However, if you want to wear barbells for the majority of the time I would go back to your piercer when the initial swelling has gone down and ask them to change the jewellery to a straight barbell. Make sure you get a sterile change because the healing process will be for at least another 6 months.
    Let us know how you get along.
  4. xXJarredXx

    xXJarredXx El Duderino Staff Member

    Sorry let me clarify what I meant by twisting mine, I would gently twist around in a hot shower to brek the crust free, then clean them. Don't push them in and out of the piercing. Thank you Rainbird :)
  5. cocomcintyre

    cocomcintyre Guest

    Also, one other question.
    My piercings seem to be healing extremely well, there is not a lot of pain, hardly any crusties etc.

    When I take my bra off, the left ring always raises and points straight out, whereas the right one stays flat. :confused: I also have more pain in the left nipple than the right. What could be causing this? I've been cleaning both religiously and as I said there has been no problems thus far.

    Thanks to both, your advice has certainly been helpful!:)
  6. xXJarredXx

    xXJarredXx El Duderino Staff Member

    This is more of an anatomical thing I think. Mine would sometimes do thi even after healing. Probably as a result of the nipple hardening (strange but both nipples don't always get hard) the pain could be increased pressure. If it does not subside, inconsistency with the removal of your bra or other clothing, or youre worried see your piercer or a medical professional.
  7. Rainbird

    Rainbird The Pierced Godmother Staff Member

    Hi coco,
    Do you know whether your were pierced with a straight needle or a curved needle?
    I'm wondering because if the piercing was with a straight needle it maybe that the curve of the CBR is having some difficulty seating itself across the nipple and the pain will be caused by the pressure acually being released, as Jarred says. It hurts when you remove your bra as blood is rushing back into the area where it was previously slightly squashed by the ring ( in this case either end of the fistula). AND that is not a very good thing as skin deprived of blood will eventually die. If you've ever used a nipple clamp it is the same principle, it hurts more when they are removed than during the wearing.
    To be honest it sounds to me as though the left nipple would be happier with a straight barbell, if you think that would help I would return to your piercer as above and get them both changed.
    Let us know how you are getting along.

    PS Cheers Jarred. I knew that you wouldn't be playing magic roundabouts with your CBR's hehe - glad to see you here btw.
  8. cocomcintyre

    cocomcintyre Guest

    It seems like the left nipple has more surface area pierced than the right?
    I don't know how to explain it really but it seems wider. I'm going for another piercing tomorrow, so I will ask my piercer but any other advice is really appreciated!
  9. cocomcintyre

    cocomcintyre Guest


    Well, it's been exactly one week since I got my nipples done. I couldn't be happier with them!
    The healing seems to be going well, there's still some dried blood and crusties on occasion when I clean them. There's no pain unless I accidentally brush it without a shirt on.
    I've found it very easy to clean them in the shower as opposed to doing soaks. Usually just a quick rinse to get all the crusties off and out from around the piercing and then when I get out of the shower I use my cleaning spray.

    I think these are my favourite piercing I have so far!
  10. Tekwyzard

    Tekwyzard Member

    Hi there,
    I also find it easier to do a proper clean of my nipple piercings, the young ones, and the still healing old ones, in the shower. Nothing wrong with doing that at all, just make sure that any cleaning products are thoroughly rinsed off afterwards, and that you don't over clean, or rotate the rings about too much, in any direction, which does damage the very fragile healing tissues.
    Also do the sea salt soaks, they are really beneficial, as long as you follow the guidance as to how much salt to add to the water, they promote better, easier healing, and they are very easy to do, especially if you use the little disposable shot glasses.
    Did you ask your piercer re. your concern about the widths? If the placements are correct, I don't think it's a major concern, unless the difference really noticeable, my left is a bit bigger than my right, which looks narrower, because it is, your nipples will probably 'develop' a bit as well, getting slightly bigger eventually.
    They are very cool aren't they? I love mine too, and one other. Between them, quite challenging for 'normals' to cope with in changing rooms :lol:
    I'll be babying my nips next week, and for a while afterwards, as I'm having my first stretch to go up a gauge, I think I'm more nervous of the stretching, than I was for the piercings.
    Good luck with your new toys, which will calm down soon, so as to not be permanently aroused (which they probably are), then you'll have the fun of feeling them change, at the most random moments, with the temperature, touch, and mood, they can be surprising, distracting, and delightful :eek:.

    Best wishes, Ken
  11. cocomcintyre

    cocomcintyre Guest

    Just another quick question: how long should I wait before letting my partner - erm - play with them?;)
  12. Tekwyzard

    Tekwyzard Member

    Sorry, was waiting for a mod, or someone with a bit more experience to jump in here.
    Based on my own research and experience with 2 piercings through each of my male nips, you aren't going to like what you hear, although your healing may be faster, or even slower. Nipples are one of the slowest healing piercings one can get.
    I'd suggest;-
    up to 1 month - only you touch it, for cleaning, otherwise only gentle touching, by yourself. no body fluids that aren't your own.
    1 month -2 months gentle touching and moving by your partner, no rotation, pulling, biting, sucking, etc, still only your own bodily fluids, but you'll be more confident touching them yourself.
    2 months - 4 months, just getting vaguely healed, still very fragile tissues in the fistulas, but if you trust your partner enough, you can probably engage in a little play, gentle pulling, etc, but be very careful, and maintain the aftercare (sea salt soaks), I'd be cautious of your partner licking or sucking your nipples though, perhaps thoroughly clean them afterwards, (mod input here?).
    4 months onward, listen to your body, it usually wont lie to you, and you'll find out what feels bad or good.

    It was 8 months before I even thought of taking out a barbell, just out of curiosity, and this was only because the month after I was planning to swap to CBRs, that was scary, I thought at first I'd not get the bar back in, it got stuck partway through, I went 'ouch' as you do; all due to the poor nipple suddenly standing to attention, which narrowed the channel down :)
    The first rings were a little too small, and I had to settle with 16mm diameter ones, otherwise the arc radius across the fistula was too tight and caused discomfort.
    Just for a laugh I briefly dangled some small brass padlocks from the rings at month 10, which was quite intense. Also quite 'interesting', is when a cats claw goes into a ring, as said moggy leaps up your chest, and said ring effectively becomes the rung of a cat ladder.
    Loads of fun to be had if you take the healing slow and steady.


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