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Anybody have cold/nitrogen/freeze branding experience?

Discussion in 'Branding' started by KyraPhaedras, Mar 2, 2017.

  1. KyraPhaedras

    KyraPhaedras New Member

    All the resources I've found have been ridiculously unhelpful. Even BMEzine just said "on cows it's thirty seconds to a minute, on a human it would be significantly less".

    ...yeah. That's useful.

    What I'm wanting to do is brand a section of my scalp to get the white grow-in but (obviously) not the total follicle loss. Bald patches are obviously going to be a temporary necessity, but permanent ones are not my idea of a good time.

    I'd LOVE if there were a pro available in the DFW area, but so far none of my digging has found anyone who has done it on humans, though if I were a cow there'd be sixty options and a 1-800 number. Not that I'm bitter.

    There's a n-branding post on Instructables, but that was for the scarring rather than the hair color change, there was no followup on what it looked like after it finished healing, and he didn't give the timing anyway.

    I've even read an article on a guy who branded his dogs' ears.

    I've looked into this several times over the course of a couple of years. My courage is weak when it comes to DIYing body mods, sadly. If I could find someone to do it that I felt I could trust (as opposed to Ye Olde Texas Tradition of 'hey y'all watch this!') I would already have it done. Ugh.

    Any help on this obscure and possibly insane idea?
  2. dnd4evr

    dnd4evr Super Moderator Staff Member

    This sounds like a tricky thing you are asking for. A friend of mine had white patches in his beard due to scarring from the mumps as a kid. Basically you are looking to scar the tissue enough to disrupt the melatonin production without killing the follicles. There may be other ways to accomplish the same thing. Hopefully someone out there knows of a reasonably reliable way to do what you are looking for.
  3. pidjones

    pidjones Member

    LN2 is used to remove worts. It causes a blister to form UNDER a seed wort, lifting it away. Feels like a burn from a soldering iron, and the blister takes weeks to heal. I doubt hair folicles would survive even a slight over-treatment.

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