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Best Male Mods

Discussion in 'Genital Piercings' started by DKH, Jan 6, 2008.

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  1. DKH

    DKH Guest

    In your opinion, what is/are the best genital modification/s for a guy? What feels the best (for her and you)? What looks the best? I'm curious to know. My girlfriend hates my frenum. It's only 12g too. So I never have it in but, I like it. Oh well, if it means I get to put it in her then it's alright with me. I'm interested in doing some scrotal piercings and was wondering what you guys thought about it... on the sides or right under the shaft? I can't really decide. I know scrotal piercings are mostly for looks, I don't expect much pleasure of them except for mental pleasure. So let's discuss male genital piercings!
  2. Naemion

    Naemion New Member

    I absolutly love the feeling I get in side when I tell people that not only do I have a Prince Albert, and not only is it a 0g, but that I also did it myself!
  3. Rose_mod

    Rose_mod New Member

    - What looks the best? A PA with a circular barbel / an ampallang
    - What feels the best? I don't know, my boyfriend doesn't have a genital piercing (too bad for me)
    Maybe a frenum ladder (with large balls)?

    I'm not into scrotal piercing, but I you want it...go for it
  4. DKH

    DKH Guest

    I agree PA's do probably look the best. I've considered one but, I don't want to pee any different than I do now. I would also be afraid my girlfriend wouldn't like it but, there's really no way to know.

    I had a reverse frenum ladder and my girl said it felt good. I took them out though because I didn't want to wait for them to heal to have sex.

    Why don't you like scrotal piercings?
  5. Rose_mod

    Rose_mod New Member

    I think that it's only hard at the beginning to aim right?
    Eventually, you'll get used to it?
    (Correct me if I'm wrong)

    In my opinion, a genital piercing must give extra pleasure.
    So, if I were a guy, I would get a frenum ladder, because I know the girl would like it (I guess)

    That's why I want a VCH and not an inner/outer labia piercing. Maybe later if I want to use weights, I will get some rings.

    But of course, it's up to you. if you decide to get a scrotal ladder, I believe you'll get excited by looking at it. So perhaps it's a bit of pleasure after all ;)
  6. DKH

    DKH Guest

    I'm not too sure about the peeing thing with a PA. I'll wait for some of the guys with PAs to chime in.

    Yes, I believe a genital piercing should give pleasure too and as you realized at the end of your reply...that pleasure can be merely visual as well as physical.
    I don't want a scrotal ladder lol, I just want a lorum and maybe some rings on the side of my shaft on the scrotum. No they don't serve any purpose other than aesthetic appeal but, I'm sure they'll get played with a little.

  7. iamblackbird

    iamblackbird Little Miss Apocalypse Staff Member

    Try having someone play with them, THEN tell me there's no pleasure in it! I LOVE mine, just because of that!

    As for male genital piercings... as Scoot says, the male piercings that give pleasure to females depend on a lot of things, like the piercing, it's size, location, and how the man is positioned in the woman. I personally do not like anything besides the PA when having sex, because anything else tends to hurt me. I'm very small-built.
  8. Naemion

    Naemion New Member

    Correction, I have a 0g and have had it for awhile now, and I still urinate like a sprinkler. There is no getting used to it, you just have two different holes that stuff comes out.
  9. Scooter

    Scooter --Mom-- Staff Member

    Ooooo, someone throwing my name around I see!!!

    There seems to be more than one question here that I should address.
    *and YES... My sweet Birdy is small*SIGH*

    Like Naemion, I'm DIY, holding at 0 gauge although I have worn 00. The 00 just was a tad uncomfortable for daily wear.
    (see my Gallery...warning-adult content)

    First the bathroom stuff:
    i wear a ring and even after having worn and dealt with a PA for about 20 plus years, I still have a tendency to pee behind my self. The only way to stop it is to either squat (sit), use a tree out back or get my hand wet. A urinal at McDonald's can be embarrassing. The stream want's to follow the curve of the ring down and around behind. I just make a mess standing. At home I just leave the seat down and use it that way. The girls in the house are content, they never worry about falling in.

    The Pleasure Principle:
    No genital piercing on a male will even come close to the pleasure that a girl gets from a hood piercing, vertical or horizontal.
    I'll take Birdy's word for the sensations she gets from her labia. I'd LOVE to find out but her bf might not care for it. Although I have seen them and I must say, they're beautiful!!! *Really DEEP SIGH*

    My partner likes the PA herself. But only rear or side entry. The large ring in those positions bumps on her cervix and drives her mad. I tried wearing my frenum ladder and it tugged and pulled and caused me to lose my erection. I have NO experience with an Ampallang or Apadavra. I did attempt to DIY an Ampallang and a Dydoe but both tries failed.

    Anecdotal evidence tells us that some women in the South Pacific islands will refuse to marry a man who does NOT have an Apadrava (vertical piercing thru the head or Glans of the penis). The women claim that this piercing bumps their "G"spot, (Like my PA rear entry) but allowing the face to face bonding that is desired.
    So from the jewelry that I wear and the frolicking I've done, I have to say that Male genital piercings are more for a mans mental pleasure/boasting rights and in some cases his woman's physical pleasure. I would think that "Pearling" would be the most exiting of Mods for a woman to experience but I can't find anyone to pearl me here.
  10. iamblackbird

    iamblackbird Little Miss Apocalypse Staff Member

    Yeah, 'pearling' I can see, so long as the beads used weren't gigantic.
  11. DKH

    DKH Guest

    Well, I'm planning on implanting some ribs or maybe beads (although I like the look of ribs more) someday when I have the money for the supplies. I do think an ampallang would be neat but, does that piercing cause any problems with urinating? I bet it's a pretty painful one... It does interest me though.
  12. geo_bachlor

    geo_bachlor New Member

    I have a 1/2" gauge and starting with the 0 with a large bead I have been able to bring the bead/ball around and blocking the top hole, pee out the bottom with no problems. The aim is a bit different, but I don't have problems.
  13. Scooter

    Scooter --Mom-- Staff Member

    That might work most of the time. I'll try it. My trouble is wearing a "Snap-Fit" ring. It has a tendency to pinch me if it gets into tight places. The ball floats in the ring fitting and grabs tiny pieces of flesh if it gets into the wrong place. This doesn't happen often but it has once or twice while "playing".
    You have a solid idea here though.
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