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Blackberry login?

Discussion in 'Forum Help' started by darkcrow343, May 6, 2011.

  1. darkcrow343

    darkcrow343 Member

    Hey, it's seems everytime iI try to login using a blackberry 8520 (curve) it takes me the account page no problem but then when you click forum it asks me to login again and the back to the account page and so on and so forth, any ideas?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Rainbird

    Rainbird The Pierced Godmother Staff Member

    Does the same for me, guess it's just the way the site is set up.
  3. darkcrow343

    darkcrow343 Member

    thought that, its either the site or the blackberry os, im leading towards blackberrys fault to be honest
  4. xXJarredXx

    xXJarredXx El Duderino Staff Member

    I don't have any problems with it, and I use a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 with the Droid OS
  5. darkcrow343

    darkcrow343 Member

    Must be the blackberry os then, "dang" blackerry :(
  6. xXJarredXx

    xXJarredXx El Duderino Staff Member

    Lol, are you on contract? I think Marc should consider getting a programmer on the case and get a mobile version of the website available :)
  7. swilsonmn

    swilsonmn New Member

    Looks fine for me on my iPhone (for what that's worth)
  8. darkcrow343

    darkcrow343 Member

    nope pay as you go, and yea it really should, you have no idea how bad it is when your not near a computer, I start to get the DT's not being able to post :)

    Steve you just wanted to add salt to the wound there just to prove iphone is better :( only joking, we love you really, and your input is always welcome :)
  9. piercedpussylicker

    piercedpussylicker New Member

    I have no problem with my Blackberry Curve

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