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Branded myself

Discussion in 'Branding' started by EddieRome, Aug 1, 2009.

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  1. EddieRome

    EddieRome New Member

    Well to start i has two brands one on my right calf which is japanese katakana script for the word angel and i done that one with a punch brand and the other is an infinity symbol on my left calf done with sodium hydroxide.
  2. SweetSugar

    SweetSugar New Member

    How do you do a brand with Sodium Hydroxide and be able to control the depth of the burn while creating a design? Please post pictures as I'm curious about it. :)
  3. carlobee

    carlobee New Member

    oh. that's good.. yes. we would like to see a pic of it. :) would love to see how nice it is.

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