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Changing a nape piercing...

Discussion in 'Surface Piercings' started by Ice17Hockey, Apr 18, 2005.

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  1. Ice17Hockey

    Ice17Hockey New Member

    I have a one inch curved barbell surface piercing in my nape. I have had it for 8 months and so far no signs of rejection, it has healed very well too. I was thinking of changing the curved bar and replacing it with an 80 degree surface barbell to prevent rejection in the future. Any thoughts on this? Would my piercing have a hard time adapting to the new bar? Any advice you have I would love to hear, thanks!
  2. iamblackbird

    iamblackbird Little Miss Apocalypse Staff Member

    This is one that I would have to defer to a piercer, preferably a good one, since I don't know for certain what the piercing looks like up close, and how the piercing would 'fit' the jewelry, so to speak.
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    this is really a walk in and ask a piercer question.   not being able to see you piercing in person makes it really hard to advise.

    myself, wouldnt have used a curve on the nape. I generally use surface bars. but everyone is differnt. if your that worried about rejection, you may want to talk to your piercer about ptfe (basiclly teflon cord)
  4. iamblackbird

    iamblackbird Little Miss Apocalypse Staff Member

    I'm agreeing with that.
    I've not seen many surface piercings that have actually healed with a curved barbell, so go ahead and grab a good piercer and get that looked at.
  5. Illyria Jade_mod

    Illyria Jade_mod New Member

    ptfe or tygon can be fine in a surface piercing, but they're not as good as a surface bar.  i don't suggest going back to your original piercer, as they were obviously a complete and total idiot for putting a curved barbell in a nape piercing.  that should never ever be done.  however, 8 months in, you're pretty well healed, and changing the jewelry could be a major agrivation and could possibly cause migration/rejection to start.  but, the flip side is that even if you haven't had any problems with the curved bb so far, it's likely that some time in the future it will start to reject.  it's just not a viable option, keeping a curved bb in a surface piercing permanently.
  6. Bribbitt

    Bribbitt New Member

    I have to COMPLETELY agree with you there, Ria.
  7. iamblackbird

    iamblackbird Little Miss Apocalypse Staff Member

    Besides that...

    How long is your cbb in there now? You'd have to get a PERFECTLY matched surface bar...
  8. DJStinky

    DJStinky New Member

    If you can get a surface  bar that i s matched to the piercing you should be able to change it without a problem. You might get a little discomfort for a few days while the peircing adjusts to the new shape of the bar, but it shouldn't be to bad. If that happens, just refer to your aftercare sheet from your piercer.
  9. Bribbitt

    Bribbitt New Member

    forcing a differently shaped barbell in there is what can cause rejection. I think you've just got yourself in a pickle with this one. You're [danged] if you do and [danged] if you don't.
  10. Illyria Jade_mod

    Illyria Jade_mod New Member

    You just need to go to a piercer who's well experienced with surface piercings...have them look at it and see what they say.
  11. Boss_Keloid

    Boss_Keloid New Member


    I don't really know much about piercings but seeing as you've had that in a while I'd guess that a good piercer would be take great care if they did put in a surface-bar into your piercing.

    Good luck with getting it sorted.  :)
  12. Bribbitt

    Bribbitt New Member

    You're on a roll at getting your posts messed with today. :lol: If you had read the forum rules, you would have seen that we cannot link or reference any site that sells jewelry or supplies since the Painful Pleasures store is our host here. So just warning you to expect your post to get edited.  :?

    *EDIT* Ha! Bird beat me while I was typing! :lol:
  13. iamblackbird

    iamblackbird Little Miss Apocalypse Staff Member

    *winks* Thanks, Brib!

    I'm a quick one, today!
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