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changing a nipple ring

Discussion in 'Nipple Piercings' started by Taranis, Jul 23, 2009.

  1. Taranis

    Taranis New Member

    I got my nipple pierced almost 3weeks ago. It bled for a few days, it's done lymphing. I've been cleaning it twice a day with the soap they gave me and have been doing the salt water soaks through out the day as well. I was pierced with a 14g captive bead ring, and the only problem I've noticed is that the ring now swings quite freely without any pain of that "piece of plastic in the nipple" feeling that some people report feeling with their jewlery is moved.

    Now my question is, Is it safe to change to a curved barbell? I know a nipple piercing can't possibly be healed in 3 weeks, but if a swinging ring could stall healing, can I change it, or if I can't for a while, what can I do to keep the ring for moving?

    I tried asking this question on another piercing forum and one of the responces I got (from a mod) was "to keep from getting the 'plastic' feeling, you need to soak it with the sea salt" Completely ignoring my initial question.

    Any help would be greatly apperciated!
  2. tg

    tg New Member

    3 weeks old also

    My nips were also pierced 3 weeks ago. they are healing well. I have been swimming in salt water & will do same tomorrow which I'm sure helps. Tonight I clamped some diamond (ear) rings behind the bars, next the areola. Its forced the nipple out further & looks beautiful. Is a little sore, but just a little stretch I'm sure. I want to get larger guage & longer bars to hold bigger rings over my nips soon. Can't wait. Its a hot look to finally have large nipples. I get so much attention at the beach. I love people staring at my nipples. Good luck with yours.
  3. Scooter

    Scooter --Mom-- Staff Member

    You're right on a couple counts here. It can't possibly be healed and the statement about "SOME" people reporting stuff.
    EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT. expect the lymphing to start and stop. keep the crusties to a minimum with soaks and cleaning. BE CAREFUL WHEN SWIMMING WITH ANY NEW PIERCING. Salt water or not. organic materials in the water can bother a fresh wound. Y'all need to remember that oceans, lakes and rivers are the fishes toilets.

    BUT... this isn't addressing your question.
    A moving piece of jewelry is NOT a serious problem in a new piercing. The problem with moving/swinging jewelry in a new piercing is that IF there are crusties on the jewelry, it will act like a file on the edges/insides of the piercing. keeping it raw and creating more hystimines which turn into new crusties which irritate the piercing which causes mor................... you get the picture.

    A comfy soft cup bra will help keep the rings from swinging too much. they still need to breathe also. Cotton, proper fitting sports bras will do the trick. Clean, crusty free is what you're looking for. remember that that the one year healing time for nipples is an estimate and average time. Some will heal faster, others I've known have had them still not healed after 2 years.

    I hope this helps ease your mind.
    Now, did I answer your question? If not keep asking......Hahahahaha. I have brain damage.........

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