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Changing to CBR in Septum

Discussion in 'Body Jewelry' started by kait.aleese, Dec 31, 2014.

  1. kait.aleese

    kait.aleese New Member

    I went to visit my piercer to figure out which size septum ring I would need as the "standard" size is too small for me based on my septum placement. I ended up buying a plain CBR because there were no other designs in the diameter I needed.

    So basically I realized that I have to bend the ring and the ball comes off completely, I thought it would at least screw in or be held onto the jewelry on one side. How do I get the ball back on? I really just need to know if this is how CBR's are normally and a technique to getting the ball on and not losing it.
  2. dnd4evr

    dnd4evr Super Moderator Staff Member

    Smaller gauge jewelry can be opened and reinsert the ball with your fingers if you have the strength for it. You shouldn't twist or have to bend a ring too far. It sounds like you bent the material past it's elastic limit. Once you over stretch it you need to close it back down or back into alignment. At rest the ends should not allow the ball to just fall in. On the smaller gauge rings I locate one of the ends in the depression on one side of the ball. Then push the other side into place until the other end pops into the other depression with a snap. If you can't get the ring reclosed, there are ring closing pliers that will do the job. To make openeing the jewelry easier there are ring opening pliers. Screw on balls are usually in the larger sized which are very difficult to spring open (2ga and up). There are also rings with spring loaded ball in the larger sizes as well.
  3. scotty8392

    scotty8392 New Member

    Hi mate small gauge jewellery usually allows you to click the ball in and out easilly if not go see your piercer as he will have cbr opening and closing pliers

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