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D rings that actually fit someone

Discussion in 'Ideas for New Jewelry' started by KinkyLlama, Sep 12, 2012.

  1. KinkyLlama

    KinkyLlama New Member

    I maybe reading it wrong but I can't imagine PPs D rings fitting anyone's nipples. My nipple piercings require a 13.5mm bar as the absolute shortest bar I can wear. I'm a guy with average or maybe even smallish nipples and I may have had the fistula shorten a little from migration. I just measured my friends and his are ~15mm. Yet PPs d rings only go up to 12mm wearable area.

    So my next assumption is D rings are used in some other piercing more so then nipples. Are they?

    Just in case I'm reading it wrong. Quote from 14g SS d-ring SKU: UR306.
    "A: is what your picking in the drop down menu (the width)
    B: is the width of the straight bar
    C: is the height from the bar to the dimple of the ball

    A: 8mm B: 6mm C: 7mm

    A: 10mm B: 8mm C: 9mm
    A: 11mm B: 9mm C: 10mm
    A: 13mm B: 9mm C: 12mm
    A: 14mm B: 10mm C: 13mm
    A: 16mm B: 12mm C: 15mm"

    Am I correct in that "B" is the straight bar or otherwise the wearable area? If so the largest is 12mm, does this fit anyone?

    I'm basically wanting two 14g D rings with a 13.7-14.2mm wearable area for my nips and a 10g D ring with 19mm wearable area for my lorum. I was shocked to find they didn't have anything to fit me.

    I'm kind of baffled by this and really hope I'm reading it incorrectly.
    <3 Kinky

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