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Dermal Film Healing

Discussion in 'Healing and Aftercare' started by richeturners, Jan 17, 2018.

  1. richeturners

    richeturners New Member

    Years ago when I was first inked.... It was a regular practice (in the UK) to have a paper towel dressing applied after being tattooed and applying very basic antiseptic cream called Savlon after washing with a scent free bar of soap called Simple. Usually the process caused a scab along with the itch from hell :confused:.

    Then came the use of cling film, perfume free & pH neutral shower gel and the use of preparations like nappy/diaper ointment (Bepanthen in the UK). The downside to prolonged use of cling for a wet heal was sweat rash so after a couple of days max (if you could bear it) then the cling was no longer used allowing skin to breathe.
    I always healed really well so I'm pretty lucky really :).
    Okay...history over :D

    During the last two years I've been using a breathable, self adhesive dermal film to heal my new tatts with. The product I use is called DermalizePro but there are a few on the market and PP sell several in their store which will have very similar usage and results I would think.
    Having just received my ink from my artist at the studio, We firstly let the fresh tattoo bleed out and air dry for about 30mins before a final clean off and dry.
    We then cut the film to size with a margin overlap of 1" around the edges of the tatt (make sure well shaven) and allowing an inch overlap of film on film when required to make a bigger dressing. It is worth rounding the corners off before applying too. Remove the first strip of backing off and position on skin and carefully apply to the tattoo with gentle pressure and smoothing whilst removing the backing paper until it is adhered down. Once on, the top protective sheets were removed in the direction of the arrows leaving a highly flexible but protective and resilient film. I have successfully healed 2 elbows with the film without any problems. ;)
    Now, depending on you....it may be necessary to remove after 3 or 4 hrs due to fluid discharge but with a wash off and reapplication of a new patch then the dressing can remain in place for (in the case of DermalizePro) up to a max of 5 days but 2-4 days provides great hygienic protection for your new tatt.
    When you're ready to take off then I find it easier in shower with gentle peeling of the film with a kind of lifting action from the edges. The warm water will help with the adhesive if it is a bit stuck. Once off then gently wash with a neutral shower gel. Pat dry with a separate clean towel and apply a tattoo salve like Hustle Butter Deluxe or Tattoo Goo for a couple of weeks day and night.
    My personal experience is that my colours have locked right under the skin and stayed vibrant. There was very little peeling and no scabbing to mention. It was also great protection in the work environment on dusty construction sites. :D

    It's not the cheapest way to heal but it has been the best way for me so the value is in the protection of my new investment and artists hard work.

    Always listen to your artist about aftercare as there are many different ways to heal. Seek a second opinion if you are in any doubt.
    The acrylic adhesive on the film is specified as hypoallergenic with very remote chance of any reactions to it but it is down to the individual/artist to keep a close eye on things and also check the manufacturers MSDS sheets and literature.

    Has anyone else got on well with a Dermal Film dressing?

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  2. michelleg

    michelleg Administrator Staff Member

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  3. richeturners

    richeturners New Member

    Hi Michelle,
    Thanks for your reply.
    Yeh....I checked out the Recovery Derm. It looks like a great product and very similar to what I use. Unfortunately I can't get it for a reasonable price here in the UK but I'd definitely say to anyone who can get it (USA) that I would give Recovery Derm a try.
    Wish we had a Painful Pleasures this side of the pond :D
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2018

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