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Dermal Question

Discussion in 'Surface Piercings' started by devilsgirl46, Aug 18, 2014.

  1. devilsgirl46

    devilsgirl46 New Member

    So i will be going in soon to get my micro dermal put in- now i had one before but my body rejected it (honestly i don't think it was put in Properly) the reason why i believe it was put in incorrectly is because The top part of the dermal laid but the bottom part never ever laid flat and the piercer at the time told me to keep bandAids on it to help it lay flat- bandAid irritated my skin and caused sores.

    when I finally removed the dermal only a couple months later( like 5 months i believe)- the bottom part of the anchor literally broke through my skin. while the top part was anchored down- the dermal was in the middle of my chest so no rubbing - no bumping in this area.

    So Now here are my questions- i know that they have a high rejection rate, But typically if done right

    1. How long should they last?

    the person who put my first dermal in used a dermal punch- somewhere in my mind i am convinced that was not the best way and possible cause of it rejecting and not laying properly.

    2. Are needle application better than dermal punches?

    3. Should i get all 5 at the same time or should I Stagger them out?
  2. Rainbird

    Rainbird The Pierced Godmother Staff Member

    Hi, I would agree.
    Your first microdermal was NOT fitted properly. They should sit flat and appear as though glued onto the skin.
    The difference between having the microdermal fitted using a Dermal Punch and a needle is that the punch actually removes a pocket of flesh, which the needle does not. Also and importantly, you should be sure that if a punch is used the person has been properly trained in the use of this piece of equipment before doing this medical procedure on you. It seems likely that the person who performed your procedure was not.
    Healing time with a needle is 1 to 3 months.
    Healing time with a Dermal Punch is always going to be longer as effectively you have had a chunk of flesh removed and should be viewed as an extreme body modification..
    If you are fit and generally heal well you could get all 5 done at the same time, but be sure they are all marked out before the first one is started.
    Look at the marks very carefully yourself to be sure they are placed correctly before the procedure is started.
    The better you look after them, no tugs or pulls, good healing etc. the longer they will last of course but they do have a reputation for migrating out.
    Hopefully they should last a few years, but if you are having 5 in a pattern that relies on all 5 being retained you may want to consider this carefully before you go ahead. Will you still want them if you loose one or two of them?
    Good luck anyway, do let us know what you decide and how you get on.
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  3. devilsgirl46

    devilsgirl46 New Member

    Thanks Rainbird! i knew i was not crazy to think he messed up. My new piercer is so sweet she didn't want to come out and just say the guy messed up so she said that they are notorious for migrating and they are more like temporary mods. But i know that they should have lasted more than any 5 months as it was still suppose to be in the healing process. Needless to say my new piercer is well verse in body mods and I trust her fully- I mean i let her see my nips already. lol but she as much as i trust her i want to get a second opinion on how i should proceed. I do heal fairly well all my others piercing and tattoo have healed in decent times. Never had any issue with them. i waited so long to find someone who can actually do these piercing as many say they can- it just to pricey to risk losing them so soon.

    Originally i paid him $80+ to not be able to show it off. that really bother me on all levels that i had to keep a bandAid over it the whole time i had it. and no one was willing to try to reset it saying that they would take it out (for a fee) and wait for it to heal and try again(for another fee). So essential i ended up removing it myself and it healed up pretty nicely with very minimum scaring.

    As for placement they are already predetermined they are to be set in the middle of my tattoo design. I got the tattoo with the whole idea planned out from the start do i waited 5 years and it will finally be completed. I think I'm going to go with all 5 at the same time just in case this time i will make sure to take photos and enjoy them even if they only last a year. :)
  4. Rainbird

    Rainbird The Pierced Godmother Staff Member

    That sounds wicked. I'd love to see it when your mod is finished.
    Perhaps you could post a picture to the gallery?

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