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diy genital ribs or implant

Discussion in 'Implants' started by number1barber, Jul 29, 2014.

  1. number1barber

    number1barber New Member

    Hi all you wonderful people you.
    I want to stick some rib in but as this will be my first diy piercing i have some questions in regards to doing this. I understand about keeping it all super clean when doing it because i did myself a full forearm tattoo so clean and gloved all the way but i dont want to jump in without a proper understanding and finding that online i a tad hard.
    before i continue i was thinking of two options. first would be ribs second would be a carved implant similar to arm implants of skulls.

    so what i gather is aquire a hard on and mark entry and exit points for ribs
    emla up and then insert the ribs and this is where i get a little lost
    i saw a post about a guy wanting to avoid a vein and in an ideal world clamp the skin and needle through the lined up holes but this is not a piercing so i know its not that simple
    so how do i go about making the pocket between the two marks or do i pierce then slide along then out the other mark etc and how would this work for side ribs?
    do the ribs have to be curved already or do they bend?
    if i go for and implant how do i create the bigger pocket for it?
    To anyone awesome who has done implants themselves what did you use and how did you close it after. Would definitely prefer the implant as i would carve skulls
    Whats the biggest ribs you can get. vertical ribs would be cool a they would add girth.
    thanks to anyone for any suggetions
  2. dnd4evr

    dnd4evr Super Moderator Staff Member

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    I have heard of genital ribbing and considered it myself. There are some older discussions here in the forum. At this time I don't have a source for ribbing. Your best bet might be to find something like a solid or nearly solid rod or tube of silicone and cut it in half down the middle lengthwise and then sterilize. The insertion procedure should be similar to a piercing, but only penetrate one side. Then slide the rib in and close off the hole with a butterfly bandage of perhaps some superglue. The piece should be short enough so it won't push the incision back open.

    As an alternative I have considered getting some silicone beads, cutting those in half and inserting a couple.


    Here are the old threads.

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  3. Donralph

    Donralph New Member

    Hi ya'll!

    I''ve been looking all over for a place to find answer in regards to DIY implants, specifically pearling, aka penis pearling.

    I know when I was in prison everyone was doing it, and the infection rate was almost zero. But I held back about getting it done, as I was a bit apprehensive about doing it in a non-sterile environment, and with shitty medical staff in case something happened. In short I didn't want my pecker falling off if something went horribly wrong...however in the last few months I've mustered up the courage to look into doing it myself, or talking someone I trust to do it for me.

    I'm 29. I'm looking to get 1 or 2 or 3 pearls implanted, I have a average sized penis, about 7 inches fully erect, not circumsized, awesomely veined, and average girth. I'd like to implant said pearls on the top of the shaft (is this the best place?). I'm not looking to compensate for my size, just want to add a lil spice to what I already have. I mean i dont wanna destroy a vagina, so if this will hurt or scar a vaj, I will weigh out my options and perhaps throw the idea out the window if it will. I also don't want the pearls to protrude so much from the penis, to I was thinking of shaving the bottom of it so it looks kinda like this (_), or maybe even purchasing some that come like that (any ideas of retailers?).

    MY ASK: Has anyone on this forum successfully performed this procedure on themselves? If so, what's the equipment I would need (medical grade - I have a best friend who works in the OR and can get me medical grade shit). Also, I've heard titanium is good implant grade material, is this the best option? How best to make the incision? how best to seal the cut (stitch? sutures? or tape?) I've also considered a bar, instead of pearls, to go across the shaft 2 inches behind the prick, any ideas?

    Please advice well, and if I'm missing other necesarry steps or equpment please make sure to mention them as i''m in data gathering mode, trynna get this done right and just in time for the new year!!! woot woot!
  4. dnd4evr

    dnd4evr Super Moderator Staff Member

    Welcome to the Painful Pleasures community! Please take a moment to tell us a bit more about yourself in the Introduce Yourself area. Also, please read the Rules of the Forum at your convenience.

    The gallery is available for viewing or posting. Without a login you will be able to see non-mature content, but you will not be able to post there or view mature content.

    If you have any questions about the forum or gallery, feel free to reach out to me or our other moderators, Angel on the Edge, Rainbird, Craftsman and xXJarredXx.

    I had some interest in this myself and tried contacting the people in the older threads with no luck. Hopefully someone will step up with some information.

    7" is slightly above average by the way.

    Adding pearls shouldn't destroy a vagina. I had a 4ga dorsal frenum with some fairly large beads on the barbell and it didn't destroy my wife (she rather liked it). Your pearls will likely be smaller than that.

    Hypoallergenic materials would be best for implantation. You don't want a reaction with something buried under the skin. Titanium, glass, silicone, Niobium, gold and other materials are all considered hypoallergenic. A flat on one side should keep them from rolling... in theory. If you plan on using a hard material and want a flat side, make sure it is as smooth as possible with no sharp edges. On the softer materials it might be possible to cut them in half with a razor blade.

    As to tools, it might depend on the piece you are trying to implant. Ideally you are not trying to punch out flesh so a typical piercing needle might not be a good idea. Especially on larger implants. I would consider a scalpel. To seal the incision a butterfly bandage should work well. Another option might be super glue.

    The area for the incision needs to be well cleaned and preferably with an antiseptic. You will need medical gloves. The items to be implanted and the tools need to be sterilized (autoclave preferred). Be prepared for bleeding. If you are on medications that may prevent clotting, you may need to go off them for a couple of days. A frenum piercing takes up to 5 weeks to heal. I am not sure how long an implant will take.

    As to location, that may be better asked of your partner. If you wish to stimulate the "G" spot, top is the best place if you prefer missionary. If you like "doggy" then bottom might be better. Since you said multiple implants you can place then around and cover all your bases.
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  5. number1barber

    number1barber New Member

    Hey dnd4ever thanks for the advice before some stuff came up so it got put off but I'm back on track.
    ordered implant beads here as way cheaper than sh. also brought sterile wipes needles and iodines. brought surgical lube and butterflies elsewhere and have gloves just awaiting the delivery of the rest.
    donralph you might not want to get hard beads as they don't give. The flat spot idea is a great one.
    I will now need to look at sterile scalpel instead of the needles.
    was going to Pierce across but my trained friend said tunnel is better but of course is more complex.
    I have watched a hand implant vid and also seen a sh reducer tool so considered putting the beads into the needle shaft which is smaller and pushing them out at the correct points. this allows for a smaller hole. I have a couple of questions if anyone has some answers.

    after the hand vid I'm assuming veins are not an issue maybe lower down.

    whilst I understand lifting the skin on a hand to make a tunnel the skin on a penis moves already so is it a case of pull skin upwards small incision then insert a device to make the tunnel place the beads. tape the cut and between the beads.

    do you mark locations whilst hard or is that a mute point.
    think I ordered too many beads anyway so may do 3 top 3 bottom
    I assume the bottom is no different to the top. sucks I can't use a needle as now I will have to wait longer for scalpels to arrive. bic razor anyone?

    my mate offered to sterilise the beads but unsure if that is needed as pp are supplying them.
  6. dnd4evr

    dnd4evr Super Moderator Staff Member

    Sounds like you are on your way. I am a little confused on a couple of points. You say you got the implant beads here. By that do you mean PP? If so, post a link since I have not seen anything in the store listed for implant. If you got them elsewhere, please PM me the information. Same with the hand implant vid.

    Large veins should be below the looser surface skin. You could still nick it so make sure you keep the skin pulled up as you work.

    Taping between the beads should help keep them from migrating around.

    Checking placement while hard isn't a bad idea and I did that with my frenum. It can give you an idea how much room you have to work with too.
  7. Donralph

    Donralph New Member

    Number 1 & dnd:

    Thanks much for the great insight. The flat bottom idea came as theory, yes, as I have no fucking idea of anything else unless I use a barbell ...and I don't think I'm ready to take the leap for my first time.

    I think so far I have my bases covered and other than getting my hands on the beads from a reputable online spot (or somewheres in nyc) it's all systems go. May even record it and post a link for the forum as my token of appreciation.

    If you guys could be so awesome as to provide links of places where to buy this stuff online. specifically beads, etc that would go a long way.
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  8. dnd4evr

    dnd4evr Super Moderator Staff Member

    For solid round beads you could use Titanium beads from a CBR. PP sells them as spare parts.


    There are silicone balls in that link, but I have no idea how appropriate they might be for implanting. Implanting unknown materials permanently under your skin could be risky. I would not advise it.

    For true experimentalists with some skills you might be able to mold your own beads and ribs. There are 2 part silicone elastomers with medical compatibility testing out there (not available at any store). Cut a half bead or channel in stainless steel with a ball end mill, mix up the 2 part medical grade silicone and pour. The mixing and molding would be best done in a clean room. The medical grade elastomers aren't cheap either (medical testing it expensive).
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  9. dnd4evr

    dnd4evr Super Moderator Staff Member

    I think I just saw the hand implant video you talked about. It was done in France. The process of making a pocket looks unpleasant. For pearling I think a receiving tube may work well.

    I think I just found a place to get some material (some items are sold out and I don't know if they are going to be replenished). For those interested, please send me a PM.
  10. Grampareg

    Grampareg New Member

    I have done all my beading myself and there's nothing to it, all 4 mm stainless balls there is 5 of them in my cock and 22 of them in my scrotum
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  11. dnd4evr

    dnd4evr Super Moderator Staff Member

    Stainless steel is fine for those who do not react to it. For those that do, consider titanium.

    There are implantable grades of silicone for those that do not want hard objects under the skin.

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