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Does piercing insensitive piercings make them sensitive?

Discussion in 'Nipple Piercings' started by herman.d.cortes, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. herman.d.cortes

    herman.d.cortes New Member

    Hey gang! I'm a 31 year old guy whose nipples don't feel much when playing with them. It's like they're just there for decorating. Nothing else. I've met lots of guys with sensitive nipples ( they say they're wired to their cock lol) so I want to make mine sensitive lile theirs. So I'm wondering if nipple piercings would help that?

    Are there are any guys on here whose nipples went from feeling nothing to now feeling enough to get aroused after getting them pierced??

    Thanks :)
  2. richeturners

    richeturners Member

    Hey herman.d.cortes
    I would say that everyone is different. My nipple went hypersensitive and was actually pretty uncomfortable for the fist 6 months but settled down nicely. Have had it for around 20 years and isn't any more sensitive than my un-pierced nipple now.
    Definitely good for decorating though and may well inspire any partners imagination for play :p
    You never know...it may be worth a go:D

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