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Forum Upgrade

Discussion in 'Forum Help' started by admin, Feb 23, 2016.

  1. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    We are pleased to release new version of Painful Bodyjewerlry Forum. This release builds on previous versions of our forum to add new features and bug fixes.

    Following New features has been added to the forum
    • Thread tagging
    • Responsive admin control panel
    • Two-step verification
    • Floating notices
    • Profile post comment improvements, including soft deletion and liking
    • Admin sent alerts and conversations
    • Welcome messages
    • Automatic link title conversion
    • Newest posts in the sidebar
    • Independent language selection in the admin control panel
    • Selective quoting
    • Automated bounce email handling
    • Sitemap XML generation
    • Inline moderation in search results
    • Author alerts for moderator actions
    • Thread reply bans
    • Custom help pages
    • Online status indicator in messages
    • Polling improvements
    • Smiley categories and other smiley enhancements
    • Custom BB codes
    • A built in spoiler BB code
    • Google+/Twitter registration
    • Image and link proxying
    • User change logging
    • Multi-quote
    • Various moderation improvements
    • User merging and bulk user management
    • Post edit history and logging
    • Signature permissions
    • Route filters (a system to change XenForo's URLs)
    • Template modifications and comparison utilities
    • Template merging and edit history
    • A new editor with drag and drop, image paste support, user tagging, and iOS/Android support
    • A fully responsive design
    • Support for watching a forum
    • User group and staff banners
    • Bulk thread management

    If you see any bugs or any suggestion please feel free to let us know using support@painfulpleasures.com

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