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Frenum Bar Length

Discussion in 'Genital Piercings' started by samtron, Jan 31, 2017.

  1. samtron

    samtron New Member

    I was wondering what is a good length for a curved barbell for a Frenum Piercing? I'd like to have a little play so it's not right tight next to the skin.
  2. dnd4evr

    dnd4evr Super Moderator Staff Member

    That will depend on how much skin was pierced. Under 1/2" of skin and you can usually go in 1/16" increments. At 1/2" most jewelry is in 1/8" increments.
  3. inktCode

    inktCode New Member

    I have an 11mm in one then 8mm in the other, they both have about 1mm of play, I don't like the ends right on my skin.

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