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genital piercings and bikini

Discussion in 'Genital Piercings' started by piercingirl, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. piercingirl

    piercingirl New Member

    I want to get a VCH and 2 HCHs soon, and I have a question.
    How do you deal with bikini bottoms? Are the piercings visible? Can you do anything to hide them?
  2. Angel on the Edge

    Angel on the Edge Administrator

    Hi again, Piercingirl,

    I don't personally have any experience with VCH or HCH piercings, but I would think you could minimize how noticeable they are through your bikini by wearing jewelry with a smaller diameter and gauge. Your starter jewelry will most likely be larger than what you'll want to wear on an ongoing basis (it needs to be large enough to accommodate any post-piercing swelling that occurs). However, once you're fully healed, you can switch to smaller jewelry. If this is a big concern for you, have your piercings done in the fall or winter so you're healed up well in advance of swimsuit weather and can change your jewelry before you sport a bikini for the first time.

    Good luck! Let us know how you fare when you get your new piercings.

    All the Best,
  3. oldfinebrandy

    oldfinebrandy Member

    Hello Piercingirl,

    First of all, welcome on board! Second, I dare to suggest to take it easy. One by one, not all the piercings at once.Third, take in consideration Laura's advice and wait the fall.
    The visibility of an intimate jewellery depends on three factors: your anatomy, the placement of the piercing and the type and size of the jewellery.
    For the VCH I don't know , but I suppose that if you use a straight or slightly curved bar instead of a ring and the balls are reasonably small, the jewellery should not be visible at all. Of course if your clitoris is not placed "high" and is not protruding out of the labia.
    My suggestion is to try an HCH first, placed low, as your glans clitoridis to be touched by the jewellery's ball. This placement works great for me. If not satisfied, then try the VCH, and finally place the second HCH higher for aesthetical purposes.
    My HCH was initially pierced with a CBR (ring with ball) but I switched to a beaded ring (aka horseshoe) when I went to swim (obviously after complete healing). If your anatomy has enough "relief" it's very simple to conceal the jewellery by placing the balls of the ring inside, between the clitoris body and labia majora fold. If the bikini is not translucent, no one will notice. Even when wearing a wet swimming suit it's very difficult to notice the jewellery.

    Let us know the progress of the project and tell us about the results.

    Take care.
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  4. piercingirl

    piercingirl New Member

    Thanks for replying!

    Oldfinebrandy, I wasn't going to pierce them all at once, ouch haha, i don't think it would be good for the healing period. And GREAT tip the one with the horseshoe, thanks a lot!!

    I want to do the VCH soon though, because in the fall I'm not going to be where I am anymore, and I love my piercer, and I would be scared to go to anyone else, especially considering all the badly placed VCH you hear about. But I hear it takes a short time to heal :D
  5. danhell_.prodigy

    danhell_.prodigy New Member

    Piercingirl, I would be careful not to go swimming when the piercings are still healing. That place, is one place I would never want to get an infection (well, not that I specifically want to get an infection anywhere.. but I think you'll get what I mean)
  6. patbodpierce

    patbodpierce Member

    I agree with Danhell. Be very careful but don't let that stop you.
  7. Angel on the Edge

    Angel on the Edge Administrator

    I'd be careful about swimming in a pool, but swimming in the ocean during healing might not be so bad... You are supposed to do SSS 2x/day during the healing process, and the ocean is the origin of sea salt, after all, lol! Then again, there are lots of micro-organisms in the water, so maybe it would be better to just wait. If you want to have it done while you're still living where you are now and have access to a piercer you trust, you have a few months until swimsuit weather anyway, so you should be fine.

    Good luck and let us know how you fare!
  8. Rainbird

    Rainbird The Pierced Godmother Staff Member

    Hi piercingirl,
    Welcome to PP.
    The good news about genital piercings is that they are the fastest healing of all.
    VCH 4 to 8 weeks
    HCH 6 to 8 weeks
    So with careful planning I don't see any reason why you shouldn't be able to have the piercing you want before you leave in the fall.
    During the healing periods do not go into a swimming pool, the chlorine in the water is too severe, it can easily burn the fragine tissues of a freshly healing piercing.
    The sea should be okay after the 4 or 6 weeks but be careful, if you are getting any sort of crusties or pain when the jewellery moves you are not healed yet. The ocean does contain sea salt of course but it also contains many other less desirable elements including raw sewerage. Some places worse than others but not worth the risk.
    If you have any questions please ask.
    Looking forward to hearing how you get on.
  9. oldfinebrandy

    oldfinebrandy Member

    Hi again Piercingirl,

    BTW horseshoe: if your clitoral shaft is a lot thicker than the distance between the balls of the horseshoe, making the wearing of the ring uncomfortable, then firmly try to pull the balls apart, this will enlarge a little the ring's gap. Anyway, if you want the balls to remain "trapped" under the clitoris body deep into the labia majora folds, then the gap must be fairly smaller than the clitoral diameter, otherwise it will easily "jump out" and will reveal its existence. If too large gap seems to be needed, then a horseshoe with a larger diameter must be used.

    A general advice: before piercing I suggest you to play around with several rings, to see which one fits. Remember that the anatomy of the vulva is a closed space, you wear what it fits, not what you wish to.

    Yes, indeed, if you carefully follow the aftercare instructions and use your common sense about wounds.

    Have fun and let us know how it goes!
  10. piercingirl

    piercingirl New Member

    Thank you, I will be careful about swimming, I never go to a swimming pool anyway, and I'm not going to swim in the sea for months so it should be fine :)
    So i will try the horseshoe when i have my HCH, but does a VCH show in a bikini? Rainbird, I see you have a VCH.
  11. Rainbird

    Rainbird The Pierced Godmother Staff Member

    I have a VCH and a triangle plus 4 inner labia piercings.
    None of them show under swimwear.
    I always have a hollywood wax and wear a plain bent barbell in my VCH and CBR in my other piercings.
    Some ladies like to wear belly bars with droppers in their VCH, the dangles are more likely to be seen through swimwear
    and can represent a catching hazard if not careful.
    My jewellery sizes are in my signature.
    Do ask if you have any other questions.
  12. Angel on the Edge

    Angel on the Edge Administrator

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