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Hello People!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by richeturners, Dec 28, 2017.

  1. richeturners

    richeturners Member

    My name is Rich (a.k.a 'Tiki Rich')
    Moving on in years but still love tatts & piercings.
    I have 0g & 2g tunnels in left lobe with 8g bcr's hanging through the tunnels. There's a 12g bcr through my right auricle cartilage. My left nipple has a 10g circular barbell (horseshoe). Soon to get a PA :)
    I also have two full sleeve tatts on my arms. Right arm is a crazy cosmic space sleeve and the left started as an upper 'Tiki Island' sleeve but further developed into forearm with a funky, below sea marine life tatt. Future tatts to bring the two sleeves together across the chest will hopefully follow soon.
    Total respect for all people pierced & tattooed.
    See you out there! ✌️
    Just added a 10g BCR Prince Albert and a 14g BCR Lorum :D (Feb 2018)
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  2. michelleg

    michelleg Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks for joining our community!
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  3. receptionist

    receptionist Super Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks for joining our community!!
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