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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by porcuprincess, Aug 19, 2016.

  1. porcuprincess

    porcuprincess New Member

    Hi everyone. After a long hiatus I am back in the piercing world. Hurray! A bit about me and my mods, I started about 8 years ago but for various reasons took a lot of my jewelry out. I have been pierced 17 times with proper needles (failed attempts from piercing guns to my lobes as a kid not included.) A few were repeats.

    I currently have a 10g septum (down from a 6g), 12g lobes (down from 00g), double nostrils in 20g, a 16g helix on my right ear and a 18g tragus in my left, 14g nipples, and a VCH that I will be reinstating as soon as my jewelry (from painfulpleasures, naturally) arrives next week. And a couple crappy tattoos in need of touch up for one and cover up for the other.

    My current plans are to bring my lobes back up to around a 0g, and 2 or 4 inner labia piercings in the coming months. And maybe someday that 2g conch punch I have been dreaming of, and a pair of high nostril piercings. And of course, more tattoos. Next up is a peacock spider.

    I used to be active on here years ago as turtlescales, but cant for the life of me remember the login info. Good to be back!
  2. dnd4evr

    dnd4evr Super Moderator Staff Member

    Welcome to the Painful Pleasures community! Thank you for telling us a bit about yourself in the appropriate area. Also, please read the Rules of the Forum at your convenience.

    The gallery is available for viewing or posting.

    If you have any questions about the forum or gallery, feel free to reach out to me or our other moderators, Angel on the Edge, Rainbird, Craftsman and xXJarredXx.

    Your former ID was last seen on here 9/10/2009. All the info seems to still be here so it may be possible for someone (above my pay grade) to reset the password. Just let me know and I will pass it along to management.
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