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Help with Avatars

Discussion in 'Forum Help' started by Illyria Jade_mod, Jul 26, 2005.

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  1. Illyria Jade_mod

    Illyria Jade_mod New Member

    Avatar Requirements :
    Avatars must be no larger than 80 x 80 pixels, and no larger than 19.5kb in file size. *Avatars must also be appropriate for an all-ages forum. *If you have a question of what is or is not ok as an avatar, please PM one of the moderators or administrators.

    How To Use Avatars
    To place an avatar in your profile, go to your control panel and scroll towards the bottom. *There is an avatar area where you can select an avatar from our extensive avatar galleries, or you may upload your own. *To upload your own avatar, you may place in a URL for the location of the avatar, or browse your computer and select an avatar there.

    Avatar Errors :
    If you are uploading or linking to an avatar file and you receive the an error, please check both the image dimentions and file size.

    Still Getting Errors? *
    If you are trying to upload or link a photo that fits both the image dimention and file size requirements, but receive the following error :
    Please Private Message "Scooter" will tell you where send an email with your avatar file attached, to have the image placed in your profile.
  2. Scooter

    Scooter --Mom-- Staff Member

    Ria has not been well, so in her absence I'm going to handle any Avatar problems that may arise.
    I'm in the Graphic Arts Business and have a slew of Software to handle most any situation.

    Anyone who has trouble Uploading an Avatar, PM me and I will give you an eMail address to send it to.

    If you don't have software to shrink a pic with, then go ahead and send me the full size pic and I can crop, shrink and/or tweek it for you.

    Any format is fine, Gif, Jpg, Png, Tif, etc. I can convert most anything (even atari files :roll: ).

    You 'customize' your Bod why not have a custom Avatar!!! :cool:

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