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Hi. :)

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by amyleigh105, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. xXJarredXx

    xXJarredXx El Duderino Staff Member

    You'll be on guard the second you feel one of those bad boys yank though :p

    Happened to me just last night, caught on the edge of a doorway I was walking through. Spent the next couple of minutes just rubbing it, hoping the tingling and burning would go away lol!
  2. amyleigh105

    amyleigh105 New Member

    Ouch! That does sound painful.
    ... Kind of a funny visual... But ouch...

    I used to yank on my surface bars with just about everything I possibly could... Purses, backpacks, shirts, seatbelts, necklaces, my bath pouf thing in the shower...
    I learned how to change the balls the day I Got my bath pouf caught on them. Haha.
    There was no way to detach it from my chest besides taking the ball off. It was a traumatic experience (well, kind of) since I had had the piercings for less than two full days.
  3. xXJarredXx

    xXJarredXx El Duderino Staff Member

    I have the pouf problem all the time (I'm a guy that uses a pouf lol)

    But yeah, my nipples get snagged in them often, mostly because my barbells have a bunch of point ends. I bought them here, they have dragon heads instead of typical balls on them, so little horns and all that good jazz :p
  4. amyleigh105

    amyleigh105 New Member

    Haha, that's hilarious. :)

    I bet the dragons look really cool.
    I can't bring myself to put anything more crazy looking than different colored balls on my collarbones.

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