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Discussion in 'Surface Piercings' started by laujreniship, Mar 9, 2005.

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  1. laujreniship

    laujreniship New Member

    Re: anyone have a surface piercing?

    i was highly considering having a surface piercing done on my hip, but i have been looking online trying to find information and stuff about it before i go and get it done. how likely is it to reject, and just how badly is it going to hurt? thanks.
  2. iamblackbird

    iamblackbird Little Miss Apocalypse Staff Member

    Hey there-
    I split your topic up, so it's now housed in it's own thread. Hopefully you'll get more responses that way!

    Surface piercings are not meant to be permanent. In other words, if you were to think that you could keep it as long as you would, say, a lobe piercing, you'd be mistaken. Surface piercings are piercings that will reject, or migrate, or cause too much of a problem to stay with your forever.

    That said, there are a few things that you can do to prolong the life of your piercing. Getting it professionally done by someone who has experience with the type of piercing you want, the materials you use, the actual shape of the jewelry you have in, it's placement on your body, and the aftercare can all affect your piercing's life.

    You need to first see a pro about the placement and jewelry options, surface bars, etc.

    The pain? That depends. Are you very thin, and/or getting the piercing over a bony area? That can make a difference in the pain initially and the liklihood of rejection later on.
  3. laujreniship

    laujreniship New Member

    thank you, this helps a lot.
  4. shakah

    shakah Guest

    Also if you still consider getting it, I'd get it a little higher than your hips because if your pants are constantly rubbing on it, I doubt you can keep it for very long.
  5. laujreniship

    laujreniship New Member

    yeah, i would imagine it would hurt a little less too, there would be more to pierce above the hip anyways.
  6. tomreid500

    tomreid500 New Member

    this is one i DIY'd but still regret doin it cos of the nasty scars .... i did mine quite low down and had no problems with rubbing
  7. Ice17Hockey

    Ice17Hockey New Member

    I wouldn't be concerned so much with the pain of the piercing itself, but the fact that your pants, jeans what have you are going to greatly contribute to the rejection and/or migration. The closest thing I have to a hip piercing is a surface below my bely button and my pants always hit it, esp when i sit down, it is starting to pull out. But... surface piercings are not ment to be permanent anyway. Just consiter the aftercare, etc. and make a decision that is best for you. Good Luck!
  8. iamblackbird

    iamblackbird Little Miss Apocalypse Staff Member

    Ice, if it's starting to visibly pull out, you should go ahead and remove it, unless you want the scar from the migration there.
  9. tomreid500

    tomreid500 New Member

    surprisingly u have very little feelin there well i didnt feel a thing
  10. Ice17Hockey

    Ice17Hockey New Member

    yeah i am going to take it out really soon, its so hard to part with a piercing... :'(
  11. kaposhia_mod

    kaposhia_mod New Member

    Take pictures to preserve the memory!
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