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how long do nipple piercings hurt after pierced?

Discussion in 'Healing and Aftercare Forum' started by tnt_tat2_gurl, Jul 31, 2006.

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  1. tnt_tat2_gurl

    tnt_tat2_gurl New Member

    i just got my nipples pierced about 8 hours ago and they are still a little sore....is that ok?
  2. Kelt9

    Kelt9 New Member

    Yes.  They're fine.  Mine burned for about 4 hours afterwards.  They'll be hurty now and then for a few weeks or months.  It depends on the individual.  Keep up with your aftercare and that will help.
  3. lexiarein

    lexiarein New Member

    Mine didn't hurt right away, but the next morning I woke up and they just ached and that lasted for about three weeks. Didn't want anyone hugging me or anything
  4. silky_mod

    silky_mod New Member

    i just had both my nipples pierced 10-17-06 it hurt like hell on the right nip the left was not has bad on ..today is the 4th day i know yours was a long time ago after the 1st minute the pain was not so bad i am glad i did it i am 46 yrs old and 44dd size i have no problems with hugs i did have pain the next day after i tried to soak with sea salt..now i just use contacts spray from walmart for sensitive eyes and im not having any problems it was the generic brand and has a steady stream wound care just dribbles and cost double the amt..im happy and so is hubby good luck all and something else someone told me if i was going to get nipples pierced use barbells they use rings and the nipples curve towards the ring..i know long winded..nobody says this on this site..
  5. Jameson13

    Jameson13 Body Hacker

    Mine didn't hurt at all afterwards. The initial piercing stung, but wasnt as bad as everyone told me.

    Ive had mine done twice. I had them in years ago, and took them out due to constantly irritating them at my job. The repiercing wasnt bad, considering it went through scar tissue. No throbbing, and maybe 3 times I've gotten crusties. I heal very well.

    The pain thing will be different for many people. For me, I welcome it. Im a little bit of a masochist  :twisted:
  6. phraktl

    phraktl Member

    I think that you are okay. My nipples hurt for a while (can't remember exactly how long it was because they were pierced 8 years ago). I do remember that getting cold was not very much fun, however. Like the other people are saying, just follow your cleaning process and you'll be fine. I personally used antibacterial soap and nothing else. Some people swear by sea salt soaks (which I feel dries out the piercing by removing oils from your skin) or harsh cleansers like Betadine or Hibiclens; I used both and they made my previous nipple piercing not heal because they were too strong.

    This is way more info than you asked for but, I just like to see people (especially the ladies!) enjoy their nipples!

    Good luck!
  7. lexiarein

    lexiarein New Member

    Silky: This is an old thread, please read the forum rules before posting again.
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