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Im stretching up, but i need advice

Discussion in 'All Things Stretched' started by tattednpierced420, Sep 11, 2014.

  1. tattednpierced420

    tattednpierced420 New Member

    So i've been stretching my ears since 2013, and i'm at an 8g right now. I've always have help in the stretching process by my fiance but now that he left me, it's hard for me to do it myself due to the angle. I can get the taper part down, no problem. Its just getting the tunnel to follow the taper threw my ear without fallin and messin it up. Any advice on how i can do this by myself? My parents & siblings have no clue what to do since they're new to body mods. And none of my friends are into this sort of thing so tey wont help, it grosses them out. Lol.
  2. fitness_will

    fitness_will Member

    Make sure the tunnel is lubed, as the movement should be quick and smooth and the slightest "catch" will stall the push-through motion. I had a lot of trouble doing my tunnels for the first few stretches 14g-10g, which is weird because it's such a small diameter, but I wasn't used to the mechanics.

    The only advice I can give you is to not look at what you're doing in the mirror. Translating the rotation and inversion in your brain on the fly is really difficult. I find mine easier to do if I let my taper slide all the way through so the flat back is flush with my fistula, and I align the tunnel by feel. I orient my hands so that the angle is minimized, and it's as much of a straight push as I can manage (easier with my right ear than my left, FWIW). Push the taper out with the jewelry in a quick decisive motion and the tunnel will follow the path of the taper b/c it's the path of least resistance. For your first attempt or two you may find that you're under or over-estimating how much pressure it takes. It's a sweet spot, that you will learn with time. Make sure you soak and/or compress since you'll probably irritate it excessively if you're fumbling at first.

    Good Luck!
  3. tattednpierced420

    tattednpierced420 New Member

    I always have lubrication, tried it once without it & lets just say, i learnt very quickly. Lol. Ive been tryin to use the mirror, so ill try to not use it this time and see.

    What if i get the taper through and try to do the tunel but it doesnt work & the taper falls out but the tunnel doesnt go through, do i just try again or put the previous size back in until its not so irritated?
  4. fitness_will

    fitness_will Member

    Eh, everyone is different. Once I decide I'm going to stretch come hell or high water I'm going to get that damn tunnel in if the taper went in with no difficulties. That's probably not a good attitude to have, but I'm pretty stubborn.

    I think you'll be surprised at how easily the tunnel goes in if you do the push through quickly. The key is to get it moving through immediately behind the taper, literally propelling the taper through using the tunnel. That keeps everything in alignment and you can focus on overcoming the lip on the tunnels where the O-ring sits (I'm assuming the tunnels are single flares with O-rings here, but even if they aren't it doesn't change things-in fact the transition is usually easier if they don't have that little notch).

    I think you'll find that the initial stretch is the worst part. If the taper goes through without any trauma and just a little tightness, you can take the taper in and out repeatedly without stressing the fistula too much. I've even used the taper itself to kind of ream the inside of the fistula if I'm having difficulty and the channel isn't sore-although I DON'T recommend you do this (do as I say, not as I do!)

    Of course, if you try and it's sore and you downsize, it gives your body a chance to become accustomed to that tissue being stretched and it will be easier in the future. The point I'm making is you know your body, and how it tends to react to stretching.
  5. tattednpierced420

    tattednpierced420 New Member

    I did, i started with my right ear & had no trouble. When it came to my left ear however, it showed some trouble but i got it. Im one happy lady right now. Thanks for the advice fitness_will, it helped alot!
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  6. fitness_will

    fitness_will Member

    No problem, glad it worked for you! It'll get easier if you plan to keep stretching as you learn the technique, I use it to change my troublesome jewelry too (nipples, eyebrow, sometimes my lips...its just easier to ease a small tapered end in rather than trying to guide that large post through right away).
  7. tattednpierced420

    tattednpierced420 New Member

    I definitly plan to stretch further. Ill probably stop at 0g. Im just at a 6g right now. Its gonna be a long process but im really hyped about it. Especially being able to do it on my own without help. Normally i wouldnt do it my own but since my fiance left me im now havin to learn everything on my own with the help from everyone here on this forum!
  8. fitness_will

    fitness_will Member

    Make sure you pay attention to the incremental jumps from jewelry size to size. You've probably noticed the jumps have been pretty tiny, but as you get larger the increase is a bigger % of current jewelry size. That makes it much more important to wait a sufficient amount of time for your ears to heal completely before you go up again. If you're using a stretching kit, you may want to invest in some in-between sizes. Your lobes will thank you, as a blowout or ripping your lobes will set you back a LONG time on your stretching journey. You can also research and consider using the taping method-I used it for my lobes once I got to a 4g. It's a surefire way to prevent damage from making a large jump all at one time, assuming you aren't one of the rare people that has a sensitivity to PTFE thread seal tape.

    We're always here with advice or answers to your questions. If we can't answer your question immediately, one of the moderators will chime in with their wisdom.

    Best of luck!

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