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industrial piercing question! "lump"?

Discussion in 'Ear Piercings' started by judaspierced, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. judaspierced

    judaspierced New Member

    ok SO i was browsing a thread and something was mentioned about a 'dreaded lump' with an industrial piercing? nothing else was said and now im paranoid i have it...but i dont even know if its bad! i only got it done two days ago but the lower piercing has a weird lump with what looks like dry blood but WONT come off no matter how much i clean it??

    any other advice on industrials would also be appreciated! im a cartilage/forum n00b so i need all the help i can get right now!
  2. PiercedMouse

    PiercedMouse The Kid

  3. turtlescales

    turtlescales New Member

    Well, considering it is so new, and it looks like dried blood.... maybe it is a bit of extra skin from the needle? Needles don't actually remove skin... a lot of time you will have a little flap left over where the needle exits the piercing, that will go away on it's own. I had that with my tragus piercing, it went away after about a week or so. I am not sure about the scarring, but it just seems to be a bit soon for it to be that...
  4. judaspierced

    judaspierced New Member

    i think you're right, turtlescales, the weird dark stuff DID turn out to be stubborn dried up blood not scarring...its pretty weird looking stilll though!
  5. iamblackbird

    iamblackbird Little Miss Apocalypse Staff Member

    You are doing sea salt soaks, correct?
  6. judaspierced

    judaspierced New Member

    as of tomorrow,when i locate some sea salt, yes!
    i'd never heard of them until i found this place, my piercer told me to clean it three times aday with antiseptic spray and that was it!! this forum has probably saved my life/soul/ear!
  7. turtlescales

    turtlescales New Member

    Just makes sure you get the all natural stuff, no iodine or anything else. And with SS, a little goes a long way!

    And yeah, this forum has saved me more times than I could possibly count too! I love it here, it's the best resource for piercing that I have ever found. :D
  8. judaspierced

    judaspierced New Member

    soaks are sweet! can anyone suggest the best way to soak an industrial?? so far i've been lying on my floor with my ear in a dip bowl thing...i was hoping there was an easier way!
  9. carlobee

    carlobee New Member

    i would want to know this one too.

  10. SweetSugar

    SweetSugar New Member

    For soaking an Industrial, you could take your SS solution and put it in a small disposable cup, tilt your ear over a sink and then try to maneuver the cup so the top of the ear is dunked in it. Easier said then done though.

    The other way is to take sterile cotton balls and soak them in the SS solution and then hold that to your Industrial for a few minutes for each side.

    Hope that helps. :)
  11. live_a_little

    live_a_little New Member

    i always put a bowl of sea salt water on a stool and kind've just leaned my ear into it.. lol..

    i had those "lumps" on mine as well, although they weren't keloids... i think it was hydrotropic scaring... i had to take it out to make the lump go away because absolutly nothing would get rid of it and i hated it!

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