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Is my bar too short?

Discussion in 'Navel Piercings' started by samzi1123, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. samzi1123

    samzi1123 New Member

    Ok, so I'm at work currently and can't get a pic but I got my belly button pierced 4 days ago and the first 2 days were completely fine then it got a bit swollen, which isn't unusual for me when I get pierced. I typically swell 3-5 days after and then it goes away. However, the swelling expanded the skin between the balls of the piercing and now there is no visible post when looking at the piercing. When I cleaned it this morning I noticed that there is a little indent under the top ball from where the swelling is making the piercing dig into my skin. Its irritated and sore because of this but when I contacted my piercer she said its fine and eventually the swelling will go away and to only get a longer bar if I really feel that I need one. Im just worried that if there isn't enough space for the piercing to breathe around the swelling it won't heal and will get infected. What do you think I should do?
  2. dnd4evr

    dnd4evr Super Moderator Staff Member

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    It does sound like your bar is too short. The pressure can cause necrosis and possible infection. I would get a longer bar.
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  3. xXJarredXx

    xXJarredXx El Duderino Staff Member

    Your piercer doesn't seem to have provided you with concrete advice here. Typically, there should be a bit of bar showing after a piercing. This is especially true of vertical piercings like navel piercings, where gravity pulls down on the jewelry. Much like you wouldn't put studs in your earlobes with the backing shoved as tight as you can, you don't want the jewelry in your navel to be shoved into the skin.

    This is most evident in fresh tongue piercings, the bar is actually quite large! After the tongue has healed, people will quickly switch to new jewelry for aesthetic purposes and because the bar takes up a lot of real estate in your mouth. For your navel, I would consider asking the shop for a change of jewelry, pressure wounds are no fun to take care of. I hope this helps!

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