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Is this infected?

Discussion in 'Navel Piercings' started by Charlotte55, Feb 4, 2017.

  1. Charlotte55

    Charlotte55 New Member

    I had my belly button(naval) pierced 5 days ago. I have been cleaning it twice daily with a salt water solution and tea tree oil as this was recommended to me. However it is red near the top and I'm not sure whether this is just part of the healing process of whether it is infected. I have caught it a couple of times so this may have irritated it. Would be great if I could have some advice on whether it is infected and what I should do about it.

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  2. xXJarredXx

    xXJarredXx El Duderino Staff Member

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    Your cleaning situation sounds great! An infection can show symptoms of pus, bleeding, heat, or pain. Just from the picture, it doesn't look to be infected.
    A few things that could cause the redness/irritation:

    • One of the most common is snagging on clothing, blankets, or sheets.
    • The piercing area could be dry, in the event you're using too much (sea) salt. Please don't use table salt.
    • The bar for the piercing could be too short, causing a delay in healing or even damaging the site.
    • You're allergic to the metals used in the jewelry.
    • Infection (As you stated was your concern).
    • The natural healing process, as your body creates a new layer of skin (scar tissues), the older, dead skin will crack and fall off.
    Out of these common (some more than others) causes of irritation, I'd think you may be looking at just natural healing stuff. It's possible you've snagged it on something, which may be accompanied with a bit of pain or bleeding. I don't see any warning signs of an infection, but you should not take us as definitive medical advice. If you are worried, a physician is always a good call!

    I hope this helps in some way.
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