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Jacob's Ladder?

Discussion in 'Genital Piercings' started by StarPheonix, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. StarPheonix

    StarPheonix New Member

    So my boyfriend got 3 rungs of a Jacob's Ladder recently. I wont see him for another 2 months so hopefully everything will be healed by then, but I was wondering the precautions we need to take and if there's anything that I shouldn't be worried about if we should encounter it, i.e. bleeding, pain, etc.

    If anyone has any insight I would love to know.
  2. piercedpussylicker

    piercedpussylicker New Member

    There is a learning curve for all genital piercings. It should be healed enough by the time you see him again to be able to play gently just take it slow make sure you are really wet or lubed up, a condom will help at first too until you both understand the boundries of what can and cant be done. I dont have a ladder I got a Ampallang (horizontal barbell through the head with marble sized balls ends on each side) It took a while for me and my girlfriend to learn how to use it without any complications and now we are back to a normal sex life. I never encountered any bleeding from mine on me or her, it shouldnt bleed if it is healed up unless it is pulled or twisted really fast and or hard. He should be able to feel the discomfort before it gets that far and when he does just re apply lube or try a different position.
  3. StarPheonix

    StarPheonix New Member

    Thanks for the insight. On another hand could you give me some insight on the plus sides. He did this without first talking to me about it and I have some reservations about it but I'm open to trying it out. The idea just kinda scares me, not going to lie. I have a few piercings myself but they are all on my ears.
  4. piercedpussylicker

    piercedpussylicker New Member

    Well a jacobs ladder is a big difference from what I have, with my piercing I get a incredible internal sensation during sex and orgasm that I never felt before getting the piercing. A ladder does not go as deep into the penis as my piercing does so I am not sure if he will feel much more of a difference. Depending on the position we are in can make sex much better for my girlfriend too, such as her on her back and me on my side then the ball hits her in the right spot. You and your man will have to experiment with what feels the best for each of you, if he even notices a difference, I am sure you will notice a difference though. I cant stress enough though on how it is a learning process for you both to get used to dont let it get either of you down if something that felt great before dont feel as good at first or if you are having a hard time giving him oral, handjobs etc. My girlfriend used to get so mad and upset that she couldnt just do what she was acustomed to doing after I got the piercing. Or she would bump it or knock it with her teeth during oral or rub on it too hard or the wrong way when playing with me and when I jumped or said ouch it made her mad because she felt like she wasnt doing her job properly. Take your time with each other laugh off the minor injuries if they happen and learn from them in no time you will be back to a normal sex life with no boundries. Any more questions feel free to ask.
  5. 2barbells

    2barbells New Member

    I have 2 rungs and will be getting a couple more soon. I agree with PPL, go easy at first and you shouldn't have any problems. Using a condom will help with entry/exit, as well as offer some protection. My wife was a little unsure about it at first, but now loves them and is looking forward to a couple more. She also wants me to get a PA now. From my experience, PPL is right - you will get more pleasure from them than he will. Once you get used to these, I'd suggest a frenum barbell - that will feel great to you both. Good Luck!
  6. StarPheonix

    StarPheonix New Member

    Ok, change of plans. My boyfriend came and surprised me this weekend. It turns out he's actually had the piercings for a little over a month and a half now. I know you said it would be a learning process but I was wondering if that included pain or if that's not normal. For me, when he enters, the first rung is fine the second it begins to hurt and feel like I'm super sore and the third one really pinches and feels like it just snaps in and is not gentle at all. We've tried do this really slow and I know this is super frustrating for him and he's starting to regret getting the piercings. Is there something else we can try or something? It's getting really hard to even work with it because it pinches me and hurts him a little too and we've given up several times. By the time he's in we're both out of the mood since it hurts. Any advice?
  7. woodsie

    woodsie Active Member

    Hi I dont have a ladder but did have a frenum, now when I had mine we had to use lots of lube and I mean lots.If she was even a little dry it would pull, but it sounds like his piercings my not be completely healed. I eventually gave up on my piercing and got a PA, that was a much better choice and both of us enjoy, only downfall you pee everywhere out of the bottom hole, again practice makes perfect with that too.HAHA. Good luck
  8. piercedpussylicker

    piercedpussylicker New Member

    Thanks for the reassurance on my educated guesses 2barbells. Star dont give up you or your man should not quit. Did you try to use a condom it will definatly help aleviate the pinching feeling. It sounds to me like you rushed into entry for the first time with these new piercings. When I mentioned in a previous comment that for it to work good for me and my girl she needed to be really wet. Play with each other have your man work you through a orgasm or two with his fingers then go into oral sex have him make you cum once or twice again this will make you wet and loose and allow for easier entry. As for him regretting getting it done I was there for a few days too because like I said it can be frusterating as you and him are finding out. Just take it slow use lots of lube, lots of foreplay. Take a look at my gallery pics if me and my girl can make what I have work I know you and your boyfriend can make a jacobs ladder work. Woodsie have you tried to rotate your penis when urinating so the bottom faces up? I have heard this can work in solving the PA shower head effect.
  9. woodsie

    woodsie Active Member

    certainly have, thats the only way except for sitting
  10. piercedpussylicker

    piercedpussylicker New Member

    I kinda figured you knew that. Specially after I posted and seen how many posts you have had.
  11. SuhkotosWolf

    SuhkotosWolf Member

    I have a question for you all. There isn't a tattoo/piercing parlor close, in the slightest, to where I live and I was contemplating doing my own ladder. Any advice?

    P.S. It's about a 3 hour drive to the closest one. **** mountains.
  12. Scooter

    Scooter --Mom-- Staff Member

    I am DIY. Pierced my ladder bout 20 tears ago. Things hav echanged over the decades. Fine parlors are gaining Mall Prominence in some places and the availability of Do It Yourself materials is common on the web. This place is one such supplier.

    A ladder is a relative easy piercing. Clean is the word to start. After you choose or decide on a placement and gauge, then it's a matter of ordering them onlune.

    Piercing your penis can be an odd experience. OMG OMG OMG, I'm stabbing myself WHERE?. Mark your entry and exit points on either side of the main "seam" line running down the underside of your penis. If symmetry is your concern take your timed in this step. Then about all that remains is to use the centerline of your penis and pull out/clamp the skin so that both dots are lined up against each other and ... deep breath ... pierce. Follow the needle with your jewelry, practice clenliness and be patient for anywhere from 6 to 8 to 10 weeks to heal enough to change jewelry. get the first bars a tad long to accomodate erections.

    If I have missed something or if anyone else has a different way, Fill in the blanks here.

  13. SuhkotosWolf

    SuhkotosWolf Member

    I have a 12g needle already and I'm planning to make it in a ^ kind of shape (2 16mm bottom, 2 13mms middle, 2 10mm top.) are those long enough for a new piercing?
    sterilizing tips? ( I have rubbing alcohol at 91% and hydrogen peroxide )
    Where can I get clamps?
  14. Rainbird

    Rainbird The Pierced Godmother Staff Member

    Hi, lots of good advice from the sage one ...
    You can get all the supplies, everything you need here on Painful including clamps.
    If you have any trouble finding them come back here and let us know or try the on-line site help line.
  15. SuhkotosWolf

    SuhkotosWolf Member

    I already have the needle , barbells, cleaning/sterilizing supplies but I lack a clamp. Is there some sort of home-made one?
  16. Scooter

    Scooter --Mom-- Staff Member

    A simple pair or two of surgical hemostats may do the trick.

    Use rubber bands to hold the jaws firmly but gently on the skin. Try NOT to click lock the hemostats. I'ts a extremely tight squeeze.

    All of this said, a good friend to help with locating and helping make sure things are straight and all, is a big help.
  17. SuhkotosWolf

    SuhkotosWolf Member

    What I meant is some sort of crude clamp for use. I'm sure it's a dumb idea but hey, can't hurt to ask.
  18. SuhkotosWolf

    SuhkotosWolf Member

    Nevermind , I bought a clamp but I just have to ask. Does anyone have advice for doing the piercing itself. I've really only done one other piercing on myself and I'm worried about this ( it was my ears ) the rest are all professional. (to answer any questions that may arise. Pros from San Diego. family trip)
  19. shaker

    shaker New Member

    jacobs ladder help

    StarPhoenix......I have a ladder (8 bars) my wife and I had a similar issue. we found the below solutions. (from my other post)

    1 shorter bars/smaller loops
    2 smaller capture balls (Our final solution)
    3 use a condom just trim the tip so his head can be exposed.

    If he is using straight bars he may try the curved bars they will hug the shank better and with a small or medium capture ball it should become pleasureable.

    I hope this helps.

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