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**List of FAQs Desired**

Discussion in 'The Knowledge Base' started by Illyria Jade_mod, Jun 12, 2005.

  1. Illyria Jade_mod

    Illyria Jade_mod New Member

    proper stretching technique
    proper piercing aftercare technique (explained) * what not to use on your piercing
    proper tattoo aftercare technique (explained)
    why piercing guns are bad
    why nose bones are bad
    info on each different kind of jewelry
    info on what piercings use what kind of jewelry
    conversions from english to metric and back
    choosing a piercer/tattoo artist
    signs your piercing/tattoo is not healing properly
    rejection and migration inforation
    normal things to expect from a healing piercing/tattoo
    what not to do while healing
    ear pic of what piercings are where on the ear
    body diagram of what piercings are where on the body?
    common piercing myths
    common tattoo myths
    different names for the same piercings (marilyn/monroe/crawford/etc)

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