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Lobe stretching, take 2

Discussion in 'All Things Stretched' started by porcuprincess, Sep 6, 2016.

  1. porcuprincess

    porcuprincess New Member

    About 6 years ago I had my earlobes stretched to 00g. I started the process with 12 gauge initial piercings, where the piercer used 10g CBR's as the initial jewelry. Healed fine, though in retrospect if I were to do such a thing again I would have opted for a studio with 10g needles in stock.

    Anyways, the stretching process took over a year. I took my time, followed all protocols to the letter and had zero issues until the year I went to Burning Man. H2Ocean and dutiful saline soaks was not enough to combat the alkali dust of the Playa, and one lobe got infected. I ended up taking the jewelry out, and let the piercings close. They shrank down to roughly a 12g size, and for several years I wore standard French hoop style earwires. Really couldn't tell that the piercings were once at 00g.

    Now, I have started the process again. I wore a pair of 12g steel CBR's 5/8" diameter, for a couple weeks. I could have easily gotten 10g jewelry in without much fuss right of the bat, but opted to let my fistulas become accustomed to the thicker gauge steel again for a minute. Once I realized I could see around the jewelry and through the piercing, I slipped in a pair of 10g jewelry with the same specifications as the previous.

    These have been in maybe a week and a half, and on one side I can already see light through the tunnel. In the past, I always went at least a month between sizes, and wore 1g pieces between 2 and 0 to ease transition. It seems the process is going much faster this time, is that because my lobes have been through this before? Wondering if my jewelry is a bit to heavy. Doesn't bother me and I am careful when I sleep, but do plan on moving to glass and titanium somewhere around 6 or 8g.

    Just curious what the process looks like on a second go round. I am patient, this process is not a race. I would like to be able to shrink them back down again if I chose to in the future, but it isn't a major concern. Still plan on keeping it small, probably will be happy to keep them at 0g this time.
  2. dnd4evr

    dnd4evr Super Moderator Staff Member

    It would seem the piercing has healed well and the fistula has remained stretchable (no significant scarring). Weight could be an issue and I would be careful that the tissue doesn't seem to be thinning too close to the edge. If you get to the point where partial steps are necessary, you can use something like heat shrink on your jewelry to achieve an in-between size. Even if you see a gap, I would be careful of stretching too soon. The fistula will need some time to rethicken between each step so you don't injure it. Especially in the larger sizes.

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