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Microdermal falling out???

Discussion in 'Surface Piercings' started by dennistattoo, Oct 28, 2008.

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  1. dennistattoo

    dennistattoo New Member

    This is a question for all of the piercers out there.

    I have been piercing for over 5 years, doing microdermals for the past 2 years. I have two on myself, being done by my husband, one on my wrist and the other on my chest. Unfortunately, I had to take out the one on my chest because my son was constantly hitting it with his head when I had him in my arms. It was very irritated and I just couldn't get it to heal, my baby was hitting it so often...Anyways,I took it out after having it for almost a year, the scar is minimal and barely noticeable. Just waiting for my son to get older before I pop another in there.

    Ok, I've done quite a few "cleavage" microdermals before and they all healed fine. Last weekend I did two, on two different ladies, in the chest area, cleavage, call it what you want...and they fell out after a few days. ON fell out the same night and the other fell out 2 days later while she was sleeping, she said.

    This is the first time that this has ever hapened to me so I'm trying to figure what went wrong. I did them the very same way I did all the others...the only difference is that the two ladies were larger or heavier than the other people on which I had the chance to do microdermals...Can this be what caused them to fall out? Their skin being more streched? I am going to redo them once they have healed but I am wanting to know what hapened so it won't happen again. Maybe I should use a smaller punch next time since their skin is already over streched? I don't know, that's why I'm here looking to find some insight from fellow piercers.

    I cover up the microdermals for the first few hours and I recommend sea salts to heal them. I also suggest that my customers wear a gauze type dressing while sleeping to avoid snagging the new implant, at least for the firt few nights.
  2. Jameson13

    Jameson13 Body Hacker

    I think you may not be piercing deep enough. What are you holding them in place with for the first 2 days? You should be using 3M surgical tape in an X pattern on the skin around the post. This will then prevent movement which will then make it easier for tissue to grow into the posts.

    What is your technique? What height risers are you using?
  3. dennistattoo

    dennistattoo New Member

    I'm using a dermal punch and a piercing needle to do them. I usually use a 2.0mm punch. The rise of my micordermal is 2mm. I usual the Painful Pleasure microdermals, in titanium...the one with 3 holes in the bottom part. I use a 4mm jeweled disc or plain 4mm disc.

    I massage the tissues, then, I use the punch, I go down into the skin while holding it with my fingers, so that I get the pocket effect. Then, I open up my pocket so that the foot of my microdermal will go in. I use the piercing needle for that. I do it on both sides.

    I usually insert my chest microdermals with the longer foot down. Reason being that if you need to take it out, the scar will be minimal...but any way, I could explain how we take them out another time, since we don't have to do that often...

    Also, I insert them with the longer part of the stem going down because mine was done that way and I never had any problems..I do all of them that way.

    I suggest to my customers to use gauze on them for the first days, what I mean is that I give them a few gauze bandages that they will wear over their new dermal, in order to allow air to get to the piercing but to avoid getting snagged or ripping it out while sleeping and such...Question is, do they really do it? I tell them that they can get red and itchy when they take the tape off...That's what tape does to me, but I put up with it...Do they stop wearing it because of that? You all know how certain people totally lack on the piercing aftercare.

    I was also thinking that maybe on them, since they are heavier that I should put the longer part of the foot upwards next time...They both want it redone, they loved it. So I told them to wait a few weeks (months) for it to heal up nice and good, and that we would redo them. I was also thinking not inserting any jewelry on the top part...until 4 weeks or so, so that it will have a chance to heal some and ''close up''...

    This is the first time this has happened to me..I've done quite a few microdermals and they all healed great..I called the other ladies that I did that same weekend and they heard about those ladies but they reported not having any trouble what so ever and that it seems already like it was healed : no redness, no swelling, it looked great. One of the girls said ''I've been really good with this piercing and following all the rules'',she said''I've been wearing my gauze when I sleep and when I work'' she even told me that she avoided going to the tanning salon LOL..so you see, I'm really stumped on this one...
  4. dennistattoo

    dennistattoo New Member

    OH, I will be using that tip in the future, X shaped tape on each end of the post;)
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