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Microdermal vs 16g bellybutton piercing? Four-way bellybutton piercings...?

Discussion in 'Surface Piercings' started by ourmindz, May 27, 2013.

  1. ourmindz

    ourmindz New Member

    About two months ago I got four microdermals around my bellybutton. Two of them are now rejecting, the other two are perfect. I am deciding on whether or not to replace the two in a couple months, or to have them all removed and get four regular 16g bellybutton piercings instead.

    I consistently did sea salt soaks and bandaged them at night, so I'm not sure where the two went wrong.

    If anyone has a picture of their four-way bellybutton piercing, I'd appreciate if I could see it! Thanks.

    Also, I uploaded a picture of what it currently looks like. The microdermals on the top and right are the problem ones. Screenshot 2013-05-27 at 3.28.57 PM - Edited.png
  2. dnd4evr

    dnd4evr Super Moderator Staff Member

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    I am not the dermal expert, but I do know dermals can be touchy. They can get caught easily and pressure on piercings can cause migration. The navel is an area that can easily get snagged, bumped or rubbed. Have you had any irritation? Where did you get the dermals and what kind of material are they made of?
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  3. Angel on the Edge

    Angel on the Edge Administrator

    Hi Ourmindz,

    Microdermals are fickle piercings. Sometimes you can do everything right and still have them migrate out, as you experienced. I wouldn't recommend bandaging them at night, as that may have been a contributing factor. Piercings need to breathe to heal right. Just wearing some shorts to bed should be enough protection without smothering them, if you go the microdermal route again.

    When you try again, you can try a standard piercing or even surface bars as an alternative. Or maybe you need to go deeper (which would require a base with a taller rise) in the 2 spots where you rejected, if you want to try microdermals again.

    We have lots of interesting belly piercing photos in our gallery. Here are a couple that jumped out right away:
    4-way belly piercing (standard-looking piercings): http://bodypiercingpictures.painfulpleasures.com/content/navel-star-0
    4-point cross: http://bodypiercingpictures.painfulpleasures.com/content/navel-cross
    Another 4-point: http://bodypiercingpictures.painfulpleasures.com/content/im-still-get-another-four
    5-point: http://bodypiercingpictures.painful.../3-regular-piercings-and-one-horizontal-navel
    8-point compass rose: http://bodypiercingpictures.painfulpleasures.com/content/8-point-compass-rose
    Done with surface bars: http://bodypiercingpictures.painfulpleasures.com/content/four-bellysurface-piercings
    Transverse navel: http://bodypiercingpictures.painfulpleasures.com/content/transverse-navel
    Star-shaped navel piercing: http://bodypiercingpictures.painfulpleasures.com/content/star-navel
    Star navel: http://bodypiercingpictures.painfulpleasures.com/content/star-1
    With surface bars (I think): http://bodypiercingpictures.painfulpleasures.com/content/image0032
    You'll find more photos here: http://bodypiercingpictures.painfulpleasures.com/galleries/navel-piercings (If you don't want to see all of the ones that show genital piercings in addition to navel piercings, just don't login before looking, or login and turn off mature content using the link on the right.)

    I think you may do better with more standard piercings, and it seems more people (or at least more people who use our gallery) go that route rather than getting microdermals.

    Good luck, and do let us know what you decide please!

    All the Best,
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  4. ourmindz

    ourmindz New Member

    Thank you this was very helpful. I'm going to wait til these two completely fall out, and if the other two are still good then I may just decide to get the other two repierced with the mds again. The pictures were useful too, I usually have a hard time finding a lot of multi-navel pictures.

    I probably have had a hard time with them because even though I did my best to be careful, I am a very active person and probably bumped them and stretched them out (being a gymnast...) much more than I should have. Thank you again though:)
  5. dnd4evr

    dnd4evr Super Moderator Staff Member

    You might not want to have them fall out. I suspect it will leave a bit of a hole or dent. Your piercer might be able to remove them and leave less of a scar. I would at least ask about it.
  6. Angel on the Edge

    Angel on the Edge Administrator

    I agree with Dnd. And you're most welcome for the photo links and suggestions! Being a gymnast probably does have a lot to do with why 2 of your dermals started rejecting. Now that I know that about you, I'd highly recommend getting a standard piercing instead of a dermal when/if you get them re-done. Otherwise you're very likely to experience a similar issue again, so you might just be throwing away money by trying dermals again.

    Please let us know how it goes with getting the 2 migrating ones out, healing, and re-piercing, if you go that route.

    Good luck!
  7. ourmindz

    ourmindz New Member

    Well my piercer recommended just letting them fall out on their own. Two are already out and the scarring isn't actually bad, I'm just keeping up with sea salt soaks and oil massages on them to minimalize the scars. Now a third one just decided to reject, and it was pushing out of the skin before I honestly had a chance to do anything about it. I also think that dermals are probably not going to work for me. The only one that is still perfect is the bottom one. I might just leave that in and repierce the others with regular barbells, probably 16g.

    Is it likely that 16g navel piercings will reject? I've read that they're risker than 14g ones.
  8. dnd4evr

    dnd4evr Super Moderator Staff Member

    I just approved your 3rd posting. All future postings will go up immediately.

    Yes, the smaller gauges are more likely to reject. Migration and rejection are typically caused by pressure on the jewelry causing the skin on the pressure side to die. Skin and scar tissue fill in from behind and the whole process continues. In an extreme case the jewelry will just tear the skin. This is all basically the cheese cutter effect. The larger gauges spread out the pressure over a larger surface area to the point where the tissues can will tolerate it. If they aren't too large I might even consider 12 ga if the area is likely to experience much pressure.
  9. Angel on the Edge

    Angel on the Edge Administrator

    I'm glad you've had minimal scarring, Ourmindz. If you get re-pierced, I would go with 12g or 14g. If you look through the belly rings on our site, you'll see more 14g jewelry than any other size, so in terms of options, 14g might be the best size. As Dnd said, though, the larger the gauge, the lower your chances of rejection. Since you know you're prone to rejection/migration, it would be wise to go with 12g when you get re-pierced.

    Good luck! Let us know what you decide.

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