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Nape Piercing Price?

Discussion in 'Surface Piercings' started by Edpz03, Jan 11, 2007.

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  1. Edpz03

    Edpz03 New Member

    Anyone know an average price of a nape piercing? I was thinking about getting it done and the piercing place doesnt open for a little while still so i got nobody to call. Thanx much.

  2. evoke

    evoke New Member

    best i dea is to see if u can find piercing store websites and see if they have pricelists online that will give u a rough idea... cause i could tell u what my piercer charges and thats $85 but that's in AUDS (australian dollars)
  3. Scooter

    Scooter --Mom-- Staff Member

    Yep, This is a hard thing to answer. Prices vary sooo much from state to state, city to city, shop to shop. Your best bet is to phone around and get a feel for the different places.
  4. Jameson13

    Jameson13 Body Hacker

    if youre up for a drive, you should go where I go. Its in Libertyville, IL called Liberty Tattoo. Mandi is the head piercer and shes awesome. Trained by Fakir himself.

    their myspace is http://www.myspace.com/libertytattoos
  5. phraktl

    phraktl Member

    That's a name I can trust: Fakir Musafar. The guy that I have found to do my apadravya was one of his first apprentices. Jameson, you are lucky to have someone that well-trained so close. The shop I want to go to is 3 hours away.
  6. Jameson13

    Jameson13 Body Hacker

    i accidentally pressed report rather than reply, haha.

    her technique is amazing. Not one piercing shes done (all of them) has ever hurt.
  7. Edpz03

    Edpz03 New Member

    i went to fleshgear today in rockdale, and it was $80 and i didnt have that much on me so i jus got my eyebrow doouble pierced. Looks pretty sweet. Once I save up $80 ill give it a try.
  8. Sunset_mod

    Sunset_mod New Member

    Edpz03 I have two eyebrow rings in my right eyebrow, DIY piercings, they do look good, do you have barbells or rings in them?
  9. Edpz03

    Edpz03 New Member

    2 cbr's right now. I had a barbel in one but then i got the other one pierced and wanted two Cbr's so thats whats in it right now. its on my left eyebrow BTW.
  10. Sunset_mod

    Sunset_mod New Member

    I normally keep two CBR's but I'm thinking of getting some barbells
  11. Edpz03

    Edpz03 New Member

    every curved barbel i find is too short. I try putting it all the way thru and it never sticks out the other side.
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