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Nose piercing question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Facial/Oral Piercings' started by JennRitter04, Jul 24, 2006.

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  1. JennRitter04

    JennRitter04 New Member

    I just got my nose done not even a week ago. Well, all is good but my nose is still tingly and numb. Not as bad as it was at first, but it is somewhat numb. Is that normal? Is it just because I shocked my body and pierced my nose? Or is something wrong? Also, my diamond on the end of my nose looks like its going to sink into my nose. Like its flesh with my skin. It looks like the diamond is going to fall through my nose. I know it wont because the diamond is bigger than the hole, but is there even a possibility of it slipping through? Someone tell me because i am close to freaking over this! I keep putting my finger up my nose and pushing it through...Am I doing anything wrong? Also, when can I change it and should I buy any certain ring for it?
  2. imthecoolkid_mod

    imthecoolkid_mod New Member

    No changing your font, it's against the rules.

    Nose screws have a habit of sitting snugly with the skin and appearing as if they are "Sinking" mine does it. It's perfectly normal, you have nothing to worry about.

    As for the tingly numb, can't offer any insight on that...
  3. JennRitter04

    JennRitter04 New Member

    i keep messing with it because i am worried it is sinking in so thats why its sore and numb now. and do you know any good place to get plugs like something i can wear to work?
  4. imthecoolkid_mod

    imthecoolkid_mod New Member

    dude, fix your font please!

    stop messing with it, it's fine, and messing with it will cause irritation and delay healing. you can buy retainers here on painfulpleasures, but you shouldn't change it out until it's full healed.
  5. JennRitter04

    JennRitter04 New Member

    i am not doing anything to my font, it is the standard black on my screen. i called my piercer yesturday and he told me that it was beause my nose was swollen
  6. imthecoolkid_mod

    imthecoolkid_mod New Member

    ...it *was* bolded. anyways.

    piercers are supposed to provide extra large/long jewelry for intial piercing to allow for swelling. hmm. try ice.
  7. B Ownz

    B Ownz New Member

    There is a possibility that your piercer hit a nerve when piercing your nose.  It's not really much to worry about, the tingly numb feeling should go away in time.
  8. lexiarein

    lexiarein New Member

    This thread is old, don't post on it
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