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--Prince Albert Question: Regarding Removal--

Discussion in 'Genital Piercings' started by Prince_of_Albert, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. Prince_of_Albert

    Prince_of_Albert New Member

    Hello, long story long, I'm strongly considering going to my local piercing parlor for a Prince Albert piercing. My girlfriend and more importantly I think it’s a cool idea.

    I've worked to educate myself with a piercing DVD, read volumes on after care and the myriad of 'possible' issues that could result. I’m cool with the procedure.

    My question/concern is this:
    If after some period of time (say 2 years) I've grow tired of the PA piercing; will it close up upon removal? I don't intend to 'purposely' stretch the original 10 gauge piercing. Has anyone heard of a doctor closing the base hole from a PA should it interfere with urination after the PA is permanently removed? Is this a valid concern?

    Any general advice / true accounts about removal of PA’s great appreciated…

    Many Thanks!
  2. Scooter

    Scooter --Mom-- Staff Member

    10ga? 2 years? It should close up pretty good. But it may give you a drip-drip. Years and years ago, I took mine out and didn't wear anything for the better part of a year and a half. It was 12 gauge. No runs, no drips, no errors. Now when I don't wear mine (super-rare anymore) I just put my finger over the hole and all is better. I doubt that my 0 to 00 gauge hole will ever close and I must admit that at times the rain loop effect of the ring can be annoying. It seems worse (rain loop) at larger gauges.

    ***for anyone who doesn't understand what I mean by "rain loop", the urine stream tends to follow the ring down, around and back. I've been known to pee behind myself if I don't take care. not a big problem with friends out in the woods ... big problem at McDonalds***

    I've not heard of the PA being surgicaly repaired. At 10ga you should be able to take it out and have it close pretty good. Maybe never completely but good enough. 10 was a nice size as I remember it. As for your partner? She may argue with you if you want to remove it ... mine would. *grin*

    Hope this helps
  3. valkyrie

    valkyrie New Member

    haha u put ur finger over it like a recorder
  4. wiccid

    wiccid New Member

    I have a 4 gauge in my pa and went to jail for 4-5 days and when i got bacc out went to put it bacc in and had to wait till i got home to place a 10 gauge in there workin my way bacc up so i say they heal up quicc... I have had it done for 3-4 years now and dont plan on takin it out
  5. KnOeFz

    KnOeFz New Member

    A bit of topic but after reading the above quoate I figured this might just help some of the PA wearing guys here... If you twist you penis so that the bottom PA hole faces up, the 'rainloop' issue is fixed, the leaking urine drops get back into the main stream this way. Really works for me when I'm using the McDonalds toilets ;) ymmv
  6. greenotter

    greenotter Member

    I would have thought at 10G there would be no problem at all with the fistula resealing. There may be some "consumer resistance" from your partner though! Lol
  7. hondaduner

    hondaduner New Member

    Great idea, i have a 2 gage in my pa, and i just pull some skin tight up to the ring, from closer to my body, its been working for me so far, just another idea for ya, if thats a consern

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