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Prince Albert Sensations

Discussion in 'Genital Piercings' started by Jon_mod, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. Jon_mod

    Jon_mod New Member

    What does it feel like to wear jewelry in your Prince Albert? Is it the same sensation as having the receiving tub in your urethra? Does it ever feel chaffed or rubbed raw from it? Does it ever sting?

    Ps. I’m not referring to the actual piercing process. Only once it’s healed.

    Thanks for any help any of you can provide.
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  2. receptionist

    receptionist Super Moderator Staff Member


    Like richeturners mentioned, once it heals there should be no bad sensation! Hopefully goes good for you both during the healing process.
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  3. Jon_mod

    Jon_mod New Member

    Can anyone else provide insight to how it feels having jewelry in your urethra?

    Several years back I had a Prince Albert piercing and while the actual piercing was painless within minutes it hurt really bad. I could barely walk and the slightest movement really hurt so I took it out. At the time I had a very active lifestyle with work so I couldn’t go without walking lots.
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  4. Jon_mod

    Jon_mod New Member

    I don’t actually see any other comments.
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  5. richeturners

    richeturners New Member

    Hi Jon_mod,
    I don't think my previous post was approved at the time by a Moderator as I'm new on the forum but it read....

    I'm hoping that once the fistula heals then there will be no bad sensation but I guess that if you catch it or are a bit brutal with it then it will likely be sore until it recovers.
    I'll let you know in a couple of months as I'm about to get mine done :D
    Be good to hear of other experiences though
  6. Jon_mod

    Jon_mod New Member


    Thanks for taking the time to reply. I really like the idea of getting a Prince Albert but I’m afraid I may not like the sensation it provides. I know I never gave it a chance to heal last time only having it about 2 weeks but it was so painful. I even tried a jewelry change and it was still excruciating pain. Instant relief once it was removed. It had high quality titanium jewelry. I wear titanium in my Hafada piercing with no issues.

    Any more experiences or insights would be appreciated.
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  7. richeturners

    richeturners New Member

    As you have previously been pierced there. Wouldn't there be scar tissue there which may or may not be an issue?
    Are you DIY or going to Pro Piercer? Maybe a chat with a pro could be the way to go for advice.
    As always.....a good regime of aftercare and rest will certainly help expedite the healing process. Was there relief when you salt soaked?
    What jewellery did you use (gauge,shape)? I would have thought that quality titanium (which I think you used) would be ideal as it is generally lighter.
    Please note that I'm only making a few guesses here to try and open the discussion up a bit.
    Really hope you get some positive feedback ;)
  8. Jon_mod

    Jon_mod New Member

    About 10 years back I had a Prince Albert piercing done by a professional. The piercing itself was relatively painless. However, the slightest bump or movement once the jewelry was inserted caused immense pain. It was pierced with a 10 gauge cbr. After about a week I removed the piercing. It was instant relief. Once removed I noticed the piercing had slightly torn.

    Fast forward about a year and I attempted another Prince Albert piercing, again performed by a professional. This time it was pierced at an 8 gauge with a circular barbell. Once again the actual procedure was painless, but again almost right away the slightest bump or movement caused lots of pain. This time I looked and the piercing wasn’t torn. I kept this piercing for about 2 weeks before removing it.

    I do feel like the 8 gauge jewelry was slightly more comfortable than the 10 gauge. However, I was in college at the time and was very active such as walking to classes. I just couldn’t wait any longer to see if the piercing would ever calm down. Each time I was pierced with surgical grade stainless steel. The former piercing has now long been healed and unless you knew what you’re looking for could not tell it was ever pierced.

    I’d like to attempt the piercing one last time, but I do wonder if I’m just not “suited” for this particular piercing. I’ve had other piercings and most (except nipples) have healed well. I have a Lorum piercing that was done well. I’ve just been hesitant about trying the PA piercing again.
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  9. richeturners

    richeturners New Member

    Hi Jon_mod,
    Sounds like you had a bit of a rough time of it with the previous two PA's. Maybe your anatomy has one too many nerve endings making it so sensitive :confused:. Years ago when I got my nipple pierced it went hypersensitive and uncomfortable and it took a 6 months to settle down.
    Today I went out and got me a new PA with a 10g BCR and whilst there I had Lorum done as well with a 14g BCR. Both pieces are implant grade titanium and so far they are comfortable but I'm obviously being careful :D.
    Sensation so far is gentle pinch on the PA but it is not unpleasant. Barely notice the Lorum.
    I'll let you know how I'm getting on in a few days :eek:.
    Perhaps you should try it again. You can always take it out again if necessary:)
  10. Jon_mod

    Jon_mod New Member

    Congrats rich on your new additions! The lorum piercing even once healed doesn’t really produce any sensations. I forget I even have mine until I sometimes sit down and have to adjust myself if it pinches . I currently have a straight titanium barbell put in mine for the healing but now that it’s healed would like to try jewelry like this https://smhttp-ssl-19319-live.nexce...eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/d/b/dbv-large.jpg. Just haven’t made it around to figuring out the size diameter I need yet.

    It’s been a few days. How is the Prince Albert? I’m envious. I really want mine but maybe it’s hypersensitivity that you mentioned with your nipples. But OMG did it hurt the first two times
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  11. richeturners

    richeturners New Member

    Thanks for the congrats jon_mod. Everything (fingers crossed) is going really well so far with the PA :D
    First 3 days was a bit messy with bleeding then it stopped. Been a week today. I've just been very careful with it and taken plenty of rest & water. At this early stage of healing, I can feel it but there no pain only mild, pleasant sensations. Sorry if that makes you feel a bit envious as that is not my intention :(.
    Has your piercer got any ideas as to why all the pain?
    Loving the look of that knocker style CBR for the lorum:D. Now I'm envious as it'll be a while until I can consider changing mine whilst it heals ;).
    Piercing and tattoos.....so addictive:D
  12. VTski

    VTski New Member

    In answer to the original question, now that it's healed, I don't feel the PA at all. I am wearing 4 ga now, have gone as big as 1 ga, 1 and 2 ga were uncomfortably large. If I didn't have to wear clothes I'd keep stretching, but as long as I have to wear pants I think I'll be fine at 4 ga.
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  13. richeturners

    richeturners New Member

    Hey Jon_mod,
    Just a quick update.... 3 weeks in and the PA feels healed (I know it's not fully yet). No pain or bad sensation and probably the easiest piercing I've had so far.
    Reading back over your notes.... You said that both times you had a PA, surgical stainless steel was used. Is it possible you may have been having a reaction to the nickel content? Titanium (solid implant grade) may be worth a try or possibly a bioplast could be worth researching as they are lighter and more forgiving during healing.
    Let us know how you get on. ;)

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