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Proper Stretching Proceedure

Discussion in 'All Things Stretched' started by Illyria Jade_mod, May 9, 2005.

  1. Illyria Jade_mod

    Illyria Jade_mod New Member


    1.  No piercing should ever be stretched more than 1 gauge (20g to 18g, 4g to 2g, etc) at a time.
    2.  You should wait a minimum of 4 weeks between stretches to allow your piercing to heal.
    3.  You should perform vitamin e oil massages on your stretched piercings to minimize scar tissue build up.

    1.  Stretch more than 1 gauge at a time
    2.  Stretch without allowing the piercing/previous stretch to fully heal and relax.

    1.  Blowouts
    2.  Tearing
    3.  Excessive Swelling
    4.  Excessive Pain
    5.  Bleeding (a stretch should never bleed)
    6.  Uneven Stretching
    7.  Buildup of Excessive Scar Tissue
    8.  Loss of Elasticity


  2. SnOwMaN_mod

    SnOwMaN_mod New Member

    you have got to be the biggest pussy i've ever saw if u won't jump more than one size at a time just because some doushbag says it's "improper" .as for stretching "properly",u can do it however the hell u wantass long as u have a taper and if the taper u used is clean and u keep ur piercing clean then everything will heal.yea,u do need to let ur piercing heal a little bit between stretchings but not to where there is a lot of skin healing up around it cuz then u have to stretch through that much more skin.the biggest jump i've done is from a 20g to an 8g.it took me about a month or so to get from a 20g to a 1/2 inch.and only 3 jumps from a 20g.c'ya
  3. Jameson13

    Jameson13 Body Hacker

    These are the reasons that we dont advocate "fast stretching"

    Sure it may have worked for you and your lobes stretched fine. But I am willing to bet that the elasticity in your lobes is nil to none. Please dont advise other people to improporly stretch. That can cause other people to get injured or at the least cause a tear or blowout. Proporly stretching will allow you to stretch and then at a certain point, if you want to go back to the origional size, you can remove them and eventually go back.

    Your comments are your opinion, and may work for you. But please dont advise other members to possibly damage their bodies.
  4. SnOwMaN_mod

    SnOwMaN_mod New Member

    my lobes turned out perfect,i know everyones body is diff. so it works well for some and not as well for others.but seriously one size at a time is the most retarded thing i have ever heard.my way is as proper as i want it to be.some of these retards out here just need to shut up and get it punched.that way they don't waste pplz time trying to jump one size,there is no point in doing it one size at a time unless all u want is the next size.and as for damaging,if u did it carefully like i did then my way will most likely work 4 anyone.and giving advice to ppl,sure i will tell them that they can try my way and if doesn't work out for them then they can do it like all ya'll doushbags do.
  5. valkyrie

    valkyrie New Member

    20g to an 8g
    damn man ur extremely lucky u didnt get a massive blowout or rip ur lobe in 2 *thats if it was ur lobe*
  6. valkyrie

    valkyrie New Member

    me i take my time with my stretching for 2 reasons

    1 cos im lazy
    2 cos im lazy and stretch them when i get motivated to do so.
  7. JxDizzle

    JxDizzle New Member

    haha.. damn..

    i went from an 18G straight to a 2G within a few hours using a taper.. boy howdy did it feel good.. minimal bleeding, soreness for about an hour, but after that i was fine..

    i can't wait the next week until i jump to a 00
  8. Scooter

    Scooter --Mom-- Staff Member

    Bleeding IS a sign of damage. Scar tissue will form from it.. Take your time. This is NOT a race to see who can get the farthest the fastest. Unless you 90 and only have days to live, slow down. No one is impressed by rushing and bleeding. You're only asking for problems down the road.

    OK back to my AbFav slogan:

    Modding is a Road Trip not a Race. Enjoy the journey. you have your whole life to mod.

    I'm glad to hear that you had minimal damage but be careful, even minimal damage is still damage.
  9. iamblackbird

    iamblackbird Little Miss Apocalypse Staff Member



    Please do NOT post "my experience with stretching really fast was fine" information. You could be influencing other people whose bodies are not as resiliant as yours, and they could cause serious harm to themselves.

    It IS harmful information, and can cost you a warning.
  10. Revs_mod

    Revs_mod Guest

    Must have very stretchy ears. I skipped from a 12 to an 8 and it hurt. Didn't tear, I think, but it was tender for a few days. I guess wearing a motorcycle helmet when I ride to/from work doesn't help. Kinda tugs at the rings when I put it on and take it off.
  11. HighVoltage_mod

    HighVoltage_mod New Member

    I got a blowout for stretching from 00 to 1/2 and from 1/2 to 5/8... the fact is that my piercer does'nt have 7/16 and 9/16 gauge plugs... so I thought that it was the next step... if I knew about 7/16 and 9/16 gauges I would'nt have to deal with this blowout. It's strange cuz my piercer told me that 1/2 was the next step from 00 ... gosh! I just realized 2 weeks ago on the PP shop that these gauges were on sale.

    Is there any list about stretching gauges here on the forum?
  12. iamblackbird

    iamblackbird Little Miss Apocalypse Staff Member

    2 or 1/4"
    00 or 3/8"
    000 or 7/16"
    0000 or 1/2"
  13. HighVoltage_mod

    HighVoltage_mod New Member

    Thank you blackbird ^^ :)
  14. PiercedMouse

    PiercedMouse The Kid

    why can we jump the beginning sizes

    ok i looked at the at all gauge to millimeter conversions and im wondering why its so wrong to jump the beginning sizes hers my math

    [Bgauge[/B]mm difference
    20g = .80 mm .20
    18g = 1.0 mm .30
    16g = 1.3 mm .30
    14g = 1.6 mm .60
    12g = 2.1 mm (2 mm) .50
    10g = 2.6 mm .60
    8g = 3.2 mm (3 mm) .90
    6g = 4.1 mm (4 mm) 1.1
    4g = 5.2 mm (5 mm) 1.4
    2g = 6.6 mm 2.3
    0g = 8.3 mm (8 mm) 1.2
    00g = 9.5 mm (9 mm) 1.7
    000g or 7/16" = 11.1 mm (11 mm) 1.6
    1/2" = 12.7 mm (12 mm) 2.4
    9/16" = 14.3 mm (14 mm) 1.6
    5/8" = 15.9 mm (16 mm) 3.1
    3/4" = 19.0 mm (19 mm) 3.2
    7/8" = 22.2 mm (22 mm) 3.2
    1" = 25.4 mm (25 mm)

    after you get to 6g it goes up more than 1 mm each time so is it that your ears are more use to stretching or what cause once u get down to 5/8g it jumps 3 mm so if u went from say 20 to 14 it would only be 1.4 mm and then to 10 that would only be 1.1 so can some one explane to me why your not suppose to jump thoes sizes im not giving advice im asking about this
  15. iamblackbird

    iamblackbird Little Miss Apocalypse Staff Member

    Because even at those small, small sizes, there can be quite a bit of damage done.

    Take into account also that the larger the sizes of jewelry, the more weight will be placed on the piercing, stretching it naturally.

    By beginning at a 20g, an going to an 18g, then to 16g and so on, you are giving your body time to adjust and to heal, which is very important to the piercing. The smaller sizes set you up for later, larger stretches, and deserve just as much care as bigger jumps.
  16. Revs_mod

    Revs_mod Guest

    You might not think that a jump from a 12 to an 8 is that big, but your ears will definitely feel it. If your not careful, they will tear even that small. I thought the same thing. Skip a gauge here and there. From 20 to 14 wasn't bad-but I had been wearing a 20 for 6 years-but when I went from the 12 to an 8, it was sore for about a week. I ended up with a small keloid in one ear from that. But, I just stretched to a 6 and it just burned a bit for like 10 minutes. Woke up a bit sore from laying on it all night, but it is fine now.
  17. Juddas

    Juddas New Member

    What kind of lubricant are you guys using for your stretchings?
  18. WabiDon

    WabiDon New Member

    My stretched lobe is over 14 years old and over 2 inches and still growing . I started stretching my ear before it was popular and known among a lot of piercing places around here .

    Once your lobe gets over an inch it goes faster. Right now I place a 2inch plug in my ear and it falls out within a day and I have to go to a larger size . I would follow the directions above , and do not let a place use a paper punch or burn a hole , part of the reason for stretching the lobe is to enjoy the slow stretch you get .
  19. PA1701

    PA1701 New Member

    I use KY Liquid with my tapers for stretching my lobes, currently at 12 gauge, going for 8.

  20. thuksadoom

    thuksadoom New Member

    You may want to consider this: like you, my ears also stretched very easily, I stretched from 12g to 6g in just over 2 months, NO bleeding, NO pain. Then I decided I'd best wait a bit before going to 4g, but after just 3 weeks I decided to give the taper a try "just to see if it would go through". Unfortunately, it went in with NO trouble at all and in less than 2 months I was now the owner of a perfect 5mm stretch. After a few days I replaced the taper with a flesh tunnel which again, slid in, NO PROBLEM AT ALL. So I had no pain, discomfort or bleeding along the way at all. Felt very proud of myself etc, etc. Until 2 weeks later. Yep, that's when the wheels came off!!My ears started tearing, itching, burning and swelling. At first I tried going just one size smaller but after afew days, the whole thing would start over again, just like a stack of dominoes falling down! Finally I had to remove all jewellery for a week and am now back to 12g in my left ear and, horrors! only 16g in the right. I'm VERY LUCKY not to have suffered a complete blow out, and with a lot of care I'm hoping to restrict scarring to a minimum.At least I never had any bleeding. Moral of the story: there's a limit to any one's stretching ability and rather than risking finding yours the hard way, just listen to the experts! It will now take me twice as long to get back to 2g, if I'm lucky and my ears even stretch that far again.

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