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Rules Of The Forum

Discussion in 'Rules of the Forums' started by iamblackbird, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. iamblackbird

    iamblackbird Little Miss Apocalypse Staff Member

    Welcome to Painful Pleasures' online community! We're glad you've decided to join us and hope you enjoy your time here.

    The 11 rules below must be followed by all community members to keep our boards running smoothly and to protect us legally. Please report rule violations to a moderator (i.e. Angel on the Edge, Dnd4evr, Rainbird, xXJarredXx, Revs, or Craftsman).

    Any community member who violates the Forum Rules may incur a warning or be banned from the site, depending on the severity of the offense. Warnings are typically cleared within a couple months. An accumulation of 5 warnings will instantly result in a permanent ban.

    Please note that we have NO tolerance for spam! (See rule #7 below for our definition of spam.) To prevent spam from cluttering our forum, we now hold new members' first 3 posts for moderation. Acceptable posts are typically approved and displayed within 24-48 hours after submission. If it takes longer, please be patient. Our forum is moderated primarily by volunteers who are not paid to monitor the forum daily, but they always do their best to respond in a timely manner.

    Rules of the Forum:
    1. When you sign up, please select a username that's appropriate for members of all ages to see. Vulgar/sexually-explicit usernames are not permitted. If you include an inappropriate word or phrase in your username, it may be changed without warning.
    2. This is an all-ages forum, therefore no profanity or other mature content is allowed in threads, posts, profile updates, or anywhere else in the forum. It's also unacceptable to use symbols like as #, $, @, or ! to replace letters in a profane word.
    3. If you wish to post photos depicting mature content (e.g. nude or other sexually-explicit photos), please do so in our Gallery rather than in the forum, and be sure to mark the content as mature. (Note: ALL photos must be approved by a moderator before being published, which can take 24-48 hours.) You can share links to mature gallery photos in the forum. That way, only verified users over the age of 18 will be able to see the photos upon clicking through and logging into the gallery.
    4. Do not link to any outside body piercing, tattoo or other body modification websites, tattoo supply or body jewelry sites, or auction sites like e-Bay in threads, posts or profile comments. Content of this nature should be shared via email or private message only.
    5. No flaming of any user at any time. Period.
    6. All disputes between users should be handled by private message using the "Start a Conversation" feature or via email rather than on the message boards. If necessary, message a moderator to help settle the dispute.
    7. It is unacceptable to post spam or cross post in our forum. We consider advertisements for other companies' products/services and any other content that's completely irrelevant to our community (e.g. not related to piercings, tattoos or other mods) to be spam, particularly if it includes links to other websites. Spammers will be immediately banned from the community and have their accounts deleted. As stated above, we now hold new users' 1st 3 posts for moderation to prevent spam from cluttering our forum. After 3 posts have been approved by a moderator, new users may post freely.
    8. Do not post information that is blatantly wrong or of a questionable nature. If you're concerned that the information you're about to share may be incorrect, please wait to post until you've validated the information. You may reference The Association of Professional Piercers' website or discuss the topic with one of the moderators listed above using the "Start a Conversation" feature to validate information before posting.
    9. If a thread has been inactive for 3+ months, please don't post to it even if you have a highly-relevant comment to add. We'd prefer that you start a new thread. Users come and go often, and the user who started a thread may not be around anymore. Plus, new threads get more attention, so more people will see your post.
    10. Please try to refrain from using slang terms when describing the genital region. We strive to be respectful and professional here and prefer to be as accurate as possible when discussing body parts.
    11. If you have a problem with an order you placed, please contact us at support@painfulpleasures.com. Our forum moderators are primarily volunteers who do not work for Painful Pleasures and can't resolve order issues.
    Thank you in advance for your cooperation and observance of these rules. We welcome all piercing, tattoo and other body mod-related questions and stories and look forward to seeing you around the forum!

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