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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by Spyder_mod, Feb 28, 2005.

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  1. Illyria Jade_mod

    Illyria Jade_mod New Member

    Umm...Pauki??  Spyder's been here forever already...might want to read before you post.

    And it's only a cart piercing if it's pierced in cartilage.  So feel your ear.
  2. Spyder_mod

    Spyder_mod New Member

    thanks for your help  :) . i figured it would be a lobe, but i didnt know for sure, its kinda close to the helix.
  3. Spyder_mod

    Spyder_mod New Member

    Wow... I havent been here in forever.

    Heres an update. My 0g lobes are now both 1/2 inch. My blurry lumb is now a 6g. And a BRAN SPANKIN NEW PEIRCING, tragus right ear (14g).

    Ill post some pics soon enough.
  4. Spyder_mod

    Spyder_mod New Member

    Left Ear (1/2in. Double Flared, 6g Double Flared)

    Right Ear (1/2in. Double Flared, 14g Cap.Bead Ring)

    I dont know if these will be blurry, but there the best i can do.
  5. Buzz Kill

    Buzz Kill New Member

    my ears are 1/2" and 6g as well....creepy, but cool.
  6. Spyder_mod

    Spyder_mod New Member


    The only bad thing about my 6g jewelry is that its double flared, everytime i put it back in i have to use a 4g taper... Someday ill put up the money for a single flared.

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