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Sternum piercing (advice wanted)

Discussion in 'Surface Piercings' started by pretendworld_, Sep 8, 2006.

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  1. pretendworld_

    pretendworld_ New Member

    Hi I'm new here (glad to have found this site - perhaps someone can help?)
    I've had a sternum piercing for five weeks now. I know now that the lady who pierced me didn't know what she was doing and that's no one's fault but my own. She pierced me with a length of PTFE which at the time was far too long, she said it was for any ''swelling'', which didn't occur.
    Anyhow, two days later I went to get some advice since I didn't want it to completely reject (it looked red and hurt, a bit) at another place and they told me it would reject and that I should have been pierced with a surface bar. Long story short; the piercing wasn't long enough for a surface bar.
    Ended up getting someone else to change it to a curved barbell to take the pressure off the piercing. A month later (cleaning twice a day with saline) the holes look a little bit red.

    How fast would they normally reject? The bar isn't getting ''longer'' (= showing more) but sometimes it does look quite red. I've seen some horrid pictures of people leaving them to fully grow out and they've ended up with a long painful-looking scar.
    Any help/advice/experiences?
  2. lexiarein

    lexiarein New Member

    Well, with a curved barbell, there's pretty much no way it *isn't* going to reject. Pretty much what's gonna happen is that the holes are going to get closer and closer together until either you take it out or the bar falls out. And that could start tomorrow, it could start in a month, but it's most assuredly *going* to happen. You should probably just take out the jewelry and start over again after it's healed.

    EDIT: And actually, it's *HER* fault, if she didn't know what she was doing, she shouldn't have pierced you and took your money.
  3. pretendworld_

    pretendworld_ New Member

    Thanks, yeah that seems to be what I keep being told.. and I understand that it's going to happen, sometime. I'm trying to find a surface bar for it (even though that probably won't save it) I seriously couldn't find any piercers in my city who seemed ''confident'' enough to do the piercing. One of them straight out told me ''yeah we do them but it'll reject'' - and fair enough, thanks for telling me... but I'd rather get it done somewhere where the piercer actually explains how and why it happens. Because I'm under 18, the place I originally wanted to get it done said I had to wait (less than a month anyhow) I ended up getting it done by a lady who had a sternum piercing herself; it looked horrible and red. I'm a fool for getting it done there anyhow. If I do see it start to reject, I think I'll get it done in the future.
    Apparently surface bars have a 95% chance of healing.
  4. imthecoolkid_mod

    imthecoolkid_mod New Member

    Really, it differs from surface piercing to surface piercing. Some have a much greater chance of healing than others. However, certain factors like method (needle vs. punch and taper), jewelry, (surface barbell, titanium) and placement (the deeper it is the more chance it has of healing) are big factors in healing, no matter the location.
  5. lexiarein

    lexiarein New Member

    Plus, the sternum isn't really meaty and there's not much to anchor it.
  6. pretendworld_

    pretendworld_ New Member

    Yeah, that's true. Thing is, I'm really stubborn and paid $90 to get it done. That's a lot of money and you except a decent result. Price really doesn't matter sometimes; I've had friends get nipple piercings for $35 whereas I paid $80 only for it to migrate (when I changed it to a ring) There's nothing I can really do about it I suppose.  :cry:
  7. evoke

    evoke New Member

    sorry to bite at this but it really depends on the female... for eg my gf who has a 22g bust  can grab a big chunk in her sternum...

    but on another note.. welcome to the PP boards fellow aussie :) now we have 3 posters *YAY*

    there is an australian piercing forum i can let you know about that you would be ale to find a decent piercer in WA for you :)

    pm me and let me know..
  8. imthecoolkid_mod

    imthecoolkid_mod New Member

  9. lexiarein

    lexiarein New Member

  10. imthecoolkid_mod

    imthecoolkid_mod New Member

    Oh. I dig it.
  11. rex_hardcastle

    rex_hardcastle New Member

    Yay go australians, we're taking over. hmmm evoke that website has more flaming and fights then facts, specially lately. Oh well what are you gonna do, except possibly apply for moderator priviliges. pretendworld_ I know you dont want to accept it but you will probably have to remove it and try again like lex said, but your choice entirely. Rex
  12. lexiarein

    lexiarein New Member

    Here's my advice, take it or leave it. It's pretty much assured that it's gonna reject. To keep scarring to a minimum and have the best experience when you get it redone, you need to take the jewelry out now and let it heal. I know that's probably not what you want to hear (god knows the denial I went through with my rejecting eyebrow) but that's what is gonna give you the best result later on.
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