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Stretching nipple piercings?

Discussion in 'All Things Stretched' started by turtlescales, May 15, 2009.

  1. turtlescales

    turtlescales New Member

    Not that I don't love my 14g nipple piercings, but i am wondering how they'd be at a thicker gauge...

    What do you guys think of 10g nipple piercings (horizontal) on a woman? I'd probably wear CBR's with hematite beads, same as what I've been wearing. I've been pierced over 2 1/2 years now, so they are definitely well healed.

    What kind of pain am I looking at here, and what about healing time? They took awhile to fully heal the first time around....
  2. bige

    bige Member

    I just went up a bunch of sizes in the last year. If you've had them that long 12's will probably slip right in. 10's might need a little stretching, but it should be pretty easy, little pain. I think I went too fast up to 6 ga, and it got to be like a fresh piercing. The left one is finally settling back down. It was angry for quite a while. If you're going to go beyond 10 ga, go slow. There is a tendancy for the pressure of stretching to not spread evenly, resulting in thinning of the front. Maybe mine sould have been deeper to start with.

    What do I think? I love horizontals, the bigger the better.;)
  3. turtlescales

    turtlescales New Member

    i doubt I'd go beyond 10g with them really, but we'll see. :) Who knows. I've caught the stretching bug, haha. (my lobes would sure look nice at 7/16"... maybe even 1/2"... need to try some hider plugs first and see how close a match I can get first, just in case) I'll have to wait a bit, to get the necessary items. Also, in the process of moving and my ring pliers are no where to be found... my current rings there are too nice to risk damaging with regular ones. Of course, I have no idea where I am going to were them now, but I'm sure I'll think of something!

    Probably within the next few weeks though, I will go to 12g. I need something to stretch, and my lobes and septum need time.
  4. bige

    bige Member

    You could get some piercings "down below", and recycle your rings that way. ;)

    I have a pair of rings in every size from 14 to 0. Many have been worn in multiple locations over the years.
  5. turtlescales

    turtlescales New Member

    I was already planning on getting some more down south, but I was planning on starting at 12. I suppose, may as well. Probably will end up getting my second lobes redone with them first, I don't relish the idea of healing genital piercings during a hot nevada summer, and trying to refrain from swimming.... We'll see, they are in the works for sure but a bit further out.
  6. bige

    bige Member

    I don't blame you for wanting to start at 12 down there. I've had some 14's migrate to the point where I had to take them out.

    I've never had any trouble swimming with fresh piercings. I always get my tattoos after swimming season.
  7. turtlescales

    turtlescales New Member

    Yeah, I'll pass when it comes to risking the cheese cutter effect on my nether regions. My 14g VCH is already starting to concern me a bit. I haven't had any issues with it, it just seems so thin.... I need to buy a new bar anyways, still wearing the one from the initial piercing and it's much to long for my liking. (that, and it's externally threaded and sometimes will pinch just a bit. I think a nice internally threaded piece with counter sunk balls will fix that) I'll probably bring that up to a 12 here pretty quick, when I can find a piece I like.

    For the nipples though, am I looking at a long healing time here? Ah, screw it. I'll just pick up that taper next chance I get and give it a whirl. May be a bit, I have a LOT of things I'd like to pick up bod mod wise and a limited budget, but I'll figure it out.
  8. bige

    bige Member

    Really the difference between 14 and 12 isn't very much. I didn't even use a taper, the rings just went right in. You may not even feel it. I barely did. That was part of my problem, and I quickly went to 10. Then I went to 8 and started to really feel it. Take your time. Wait at least a month at 12 even if you do decide you want to go to 10.
  9. turtlescales

    turtlescales New Member

    Sounds like good advise. I didn't wait with my septum, from 12-10, but my nipples are a MUCH different story. I think I'll go ahead and pick up some rings when I find the ones I'm looking for and see if those go in. I will probably have to make a custom order as I can't seem to find quite the right ones. I can only find ones like mine from the same manufacturer in steel, and I want to stick with the titanium. I must admit, I am a bit nervous. This will be the first time I have ever taken out my rings.... they are very much a part of my body at this point. I'm going to use a taper, even if it is just the cheap ones I have because I have a phobia that if I take them out they will instantly close... probably won't considering how old they are, but still better safe than sorry. With a taper, there will always be something in there so no worries. Just need to figure out which of these boxes my ring pliers are in.... No rush though. I'll post again when I do eventually change the jewelry.
  10. bige

    bige Member

    Thanks, it's just a mix of personal experience and common sense. I doubt they would actually close up that quick since you've had them that long. If you really are planning to go to 10's quickly, just get some plain inexpensive 12's and spend the money on the 10's. Consider the 12's temporary.

    I've really come to enjoy my nipples. Guy's nipples are naturally boreing, and mine were fairly unsensaitve, until I pierced them. At 6 ga, they're a lot more interesting and sensative.(link to my pics at the bottom of my signature) Now if only I could convince my wife to do hers. :)
  11. EABonney

    EABonney New Member

    I just recently stretched out my nipples. I had my left one pierced first about 2 years ago and then I had my right nipple pierced back in March. I wanted to go from my 14g to 10g as most of the pieces of jewelry that I saw only came in 10g. So I purchased some 12g crosses from here and some 10g rings. I put the 12g crosses in a week ago and they hurt quiet badly. Add to that they where extremely heavy and they really hurt just to bend over. Even though they had only been in for 5 or 6 days, I had to take them out and put the 10g in.

    The 10g rings slipped right in without any issues at all, no pain, no bleeding nothing. They have settled down very nicely over the last day or so and are not tender at all. I have loved having my piercings. My nipples where never sensitive at all, and as others have said, with the larger gauge they have become very very sensitive! Wife loves it now but I think 10g is probably as large as I will go.
  12. randomness

    randomness New Member

    I have had my nipples pierced twice. First time was for 3 years and I was not very patient about stretching - eventually up to an 8ga. They closed completely and I let them heal for almost 7 years. I had them repierced over a year ago at 12ga, and personally i like the comfort of larger gauges in nipples. I am at a 10ga now and will stretch again to 8 ga, but this time I've allowed plenty of time for healing. My general rule is that they should be able to move freely back forth, and that they can be removed for short periods without having difficulty/complications reinserting them.

    Personally, I prefer larger gauges on women, the thicker the better. It also makes playtime more enjoyable and less problematic afterwards.

    When stretching, please use a taper (like the taper set sold here - the best investment one can make for stretching imho). Running an externally threaded larger gauge bar through a nipple is as good as starting over.

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