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Surface piercing on hip help!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Surface Piercings' started by YanaGrace, Jul 6, 2011.

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  1. YanaGrace

    YanaGrace New Member

    i had my right hip pierced two weeks ago, and the balls of the piercing are sinking into my skin and there are ball shape dents when i lift the out of the skin, the skin around the balls is red and splitting and there is a bit of puss. my piercer told me to put hot water compresses on it but it hasnt worked. i have been cleaning it with saline solution.
    please help because this hasnt happened to my other piercings and it hurts to stand, sit and walk... and im going to kent for a wedding so i really want help!!! Thank youu
  2. Rainbird

    Rainbird The Pierced Godmother Staff Member

    I have no first hand knowledge of this piercing but it sounds as though you have an infection. Especially as you are in so much pain. I wouldn't put anything hot onto it. You risk damaging the skin even more this way. The sea salt soaks should help to keep it clean and heal it, but this does sound nasty. Have you got any photo's you could post here please so we can understand better how the piercing is placed?
    You say there are dents where the balls are sinking into your flesh. Is the flesh around the fistulas swelling up around the balls or are the barbells straight and that is pushing the balls into your flesh? Do you think that the balls sinking into your flesh is causing the splitting of your skin?
    Have you been back to your piercer since this trouble started, what did they say? I think that you should show it to them and get their opinion because this is not right.
    I don't know where you are located or how long your journey is going to be but you said that you are going to Kent for a wedding, is that Kent in the UK.
    I hope that this helps.
  3. danny666

    danny666 New Member

    the hot water compression should help to draw infection out if there is one but you don't want it scolding hot, if the balls are sinking into the skin you could try switching jewelry to something longer for the swelling as well as take some ibuprofen or something with an anti-inflammatory if you can
  4. YanaGrace

    YanaGrace New Member

    I haven't been back to my piercer since i was told about the hot compresses because the studio is closed until the dya i am at the wedding. the bottom ball of the piercing has started to come out of the skin but the top one is still sinking. i have been placing plasters under one side of the balls to hold them up and it seems to be working and is much less painfull. i thnk the saline solution is the reason for the sore splitting skin because its all dry.
    I have a surface piercing bar in there which looks a little bit like a staple but i have noticed that the piercer but in a metal one instead of the p.t.f.e plastic where they leave space for swelling. the piercer was not my usual one but she wass there when i had it done. I will upload pictures asa so it'll be easier to understand the problems.

    Do you think i should go to my gf to get antibiotics for the infection? Or just keep cleaning it. Also should i change what im cleaning it with because of the dry sore skin?

    Thank youu
  5. Purebliss

    Purebliss New Member

    In a similar boat

    Hey yanagrace , i recently got my surface piercing on under my belly pierced two weeks ago. I found that lately when i move the barbell in there from side to side it seems to pop out a bit seems its a bit stuck when it drys off after cleaning it as well. Its red around the barbells ball on ea. side but seems to be healing in my opinion. Although mine dosen't really hurt i have noticed that one of the balls sinks into the skin more than the other. The problem i seem to be having is that even if i wanted to change the barbell to a longer one i cant pinch my skin enough to grab and unscrew it :neutral: and i believe that my piercer used a curved barbell instead of the one that looks like a staple. I bought the after care solution from the shop and use that along with bactine as they recommened, and swab along each side. This isn't my first piercing but it is the first surface piercing . I intend on giving it another week or two while continuing to clean and and keep a close eye on it as long as it shows signs of improvement. I know that surface piercings have a longer and harder healing process and a high rejection rate , I'll post a picture of it up too. Best of luck with yours:!:
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