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the new matrial for micodermals

Discussion in 'Surface Piercings' started by PiercedMouse, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. PiercedMouse

    PiercedMouse The Kid


    would u guys used these vs titanium micodermals im just wondering what u would pick cause im gonna buy some microdermals and dermal punches and learn how to do microdermals via practicing on myself few shops in texas do them so i figure i could squeeze my way into a shop easy if i perfected learning these cause theres a high demand for them for hip piercings n such and few shops here even do surface piercings let alone microdermals and if they do its with pft or curved barbell gosh people are dumb
  2. Jameson13

    Jameson13 Body Hacker

    Honestly, I would stick with titanium, that's just me.
  3. iamblackbird

    iamblackbird Little Miss Apocalypse Staff Member

    I second the titanium. I'm just picky!
  4. turtlescales

    turtlescales New Member

    I prefer titanium myself, but i like the implant grade stainless too in most jewelry... but if I were to get a microdermal, it would have to be titanium... why? If you ever needed an MRI, you would have no choice but to remove steel... or have it ripped out by the machine. And removal of a microdermal can be relatively easy sometimes, but oftentimes it involves a scalpel... with titanium, you'd be fine and could keep it in. Not like most people get MRI's often, but you never know what could happen down the road... Plus, with titanium you have less risk of weird metal allergies spring up on you all of a sudden. For me, each part of my body is different... my nose can take steel just fine, my ear's, especially cartilage, have to have titanium or they just don't heal. My second set of lobes took almost 6 months to fully heal, until I realized it was because I was wearing surgical stainless. Slipped some titanium in the holes, and they were fine within days.
  5. bige

    bige Member

    Turtle, that's not true about MRI's. Anything implantable is not magnetic, even SSS. It won't rip out anchors.
  6. Rainbird

    Rainbird The Pierced Godmother Staff Member

    I'd just go with the titanium. I have had two ten inch plates and 18 nails in my leg for the last 12 years with no problems except if I am stupid enough to bash my leg on something and then it hurts like being caught between something hard and something even harder. My mother in law had one stainless steel plate and nails in her leg.Hers gradually deteriorated and the heads came off 5 of the nails and the plate dropped meaning they had to reoperate, re break the ankle you can imagine. They could only recover 2 and the rest went on circulating around her body causing terrible leg ulcers for the rest of her life. Now I'm not suggesting that this will happen just that for the long run titanium is better.
  7. turtlescales

    turtlescales New Member

    Ooops.... sorry, your right... I was thinking more along the lines of cheap stuff one may find in the mall.... *smacks self in head for being dumb* But still, titanium would be best...
  8. Darthawesomesauce

    Darthawesomesauce New Member

    I gotta say though, possible or not, just the image of some guy with like 50 dermal anchors all over his chest getting them ripped out by an MRI is quite funny xD

    And if you were to get an implant using the metals found in most mall jewelry, your brain would probably just explode.
  9. bige

    bige Member

    It's either that or he flies off the table and sticks to the machine. Now that would be funny, and far less messy.;)
  10. tmosher

    tmosher New Member

    I honestly don't know. I haven't heard much about these. If my piercer was optomistic about them, I might consider it. They certainly sound more comfortable. I'd be concerned about how well they'd stay in during healing though.
  11. jaycee1984

    jaycee1984 New Member

    Yes, Im using titanium for almost 4 years. [​IMG]
  12. SweetSugar

    SweetSugar New Member

  13. carlobee

    carlobee New Member

    titanium anchors work very well for me too.

  14. MikieScene

    MikieScene New Member


    But please don't learn by working on yourself, there is a bit more to it then that.

    find someone to teach you or at least order a dvd which still isn't enough.

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